Writing Challenge – Love Vs. Hate

10 things we love and 10 things we hate.

Another blogger friend of mine requested my take on this, Trista at Domesticated Momster.  She always makes me laugh, feel free to visit her site!  I nominate any blogger pal that feels like doing this.  Just ensure to reply in comments here to your link.  (so I can read) 🙂

To avoid being redundant, I’ve already talked about some things I love and hate.  Therefore, my list will be pertaining to my travels as it’s more relevant and differs from past lists.

LIKE- thumbs up to:

  • Kids when they are in loving mood. (rare precious moments)Seahorse Inn- window view
  • Beautiful lakes/dams/rivers and gorgeous trees!
  • Hotels with great views (and continental breakfasts) and coffee
  • Watching old movies with family– gearing up to see the new Terminator.  We watched a marathon of Terminators.
  • Watching new movies at theater and sneaking in candy– went with family to see Inside Out-was great!  So creative.Seahorse beach- fireworks
  • Buying and eating cheap candy from Target– munching on bags of mini New York Peppermint Patty mints, mini-Twix bites, M&Ms, Sour candies, Mike & Ikes, and Skittles at movies and bringing left-overs home. YUM!
  • Fireworks– popits (snappers), old fashioned sparklers (the old kind from the 70’s- not that new crap.  Other pretty flares allowed on beach.2015-07-03K- Taft Historical district- Gib and pinball
  • Rodeos and rodeo clowns and cowboys and bull riding!
  • Old Arcades– reasonable ones that only cost .25cents pinball (although I suck) and Ms. Pacman (I’m awesome) – yes we found one of these in Lincoln, OR
  • Reasonable City recreation centers- cheap good fun.  $2.50 for each kid to swim, free locking lockers (quarter gets returned), water slide, diving boards, and rope with basketball net and dumping water fountains and BEST OF ALL not crowded.  Small city of Lincoln.

HATE- thumbs down to:

  • Kids when all they do is fight (and fight) (and fight some more) – that’s all they do and complain.  They don’t like those type of muffins, cereal, or eggs at the free continental breakfast.  Bickering over who’s going to get the hotel bed first vs. who’s going to sleep on floor mat first.  Alternating and taking turns is a problem for them.
  • Long, steep staircases on a hillside and extensive beach– Seriously?  300-600 steps to the beach?  7 columns – and then miles of sand before you get to the ocean? Are you trying to kill me?

2015-07-03D- Seahorse Inn and staircase- view from beach

  • Frickin’ slow moving vehicles that refuse to move over to the right and allow faster drivers to pass.  (especially on 2 lane hwy, and a long line of cars are behind you and we’re all stuck in HELL-  Get a clue)
  • Road signs that you have NO CLUE what they mean:  No center line?  What does that mean…oh crap, that sucks…stay on your side of the road, dude!  No center line, means NO LINE between the lanes.  Fantastic.  Sunken grade, what’s that?  sounds like grave.  Oh, don’t pull off on the side as we’ll be in a ditch.  Hope everyone stays on their side of the highway and there are no crashes.
  • obstacles in road that you have NO CLUE how to proceed– ROUNDABOUTS… yup.  What the F are those?  Oregon LOVES them.  It’s similar to a 4 way stop sign, except you feel  like Chevy Chase in European Vacation where he gets stuck in that circle driving ’round and ’round.  “Look kids there’s…” – you just got to go for it- jump in and exit.
  • Hotel beds with old mattresses, as you sit down on the edge, the entire side bends down and while sleeping, you can easily fall off said edge as it dips lower and dumps you off. Ahhh, come on MANNNN.  You got to leap back into the middle of bed..that’s fun attempting and avoiding hitting your spouse.  oh, sorry, babe.
  • Hotel Pillows – not all, but frequently- what the F are some of these things made of- it’s like a whole bunch of hard cotton mesh balls shoved into a case..all hard and lumpy and unyielding.  Some are too POOFY and who can actually lie their head on this without tweaking the neck into your chest and suffocating  – We got wise to this long ago- we always travel with our personal pillows.
  • BURNING popcorn (in general) but worse in hotel room! – ugh- thankfully, this room had a window that opens- whew!  We purchased kettle corn from Boy Scouts.  Not sure if bad bags from scouts or if just too old.  It has been sitting in cabinet for long time.
  • HOT crowded rodeos– can’t enjoy when it’s 98 degrees and sun still2015-07-04F- Rodeo- lots of people shining at 9:30 at night and squished in seats, getting kneed in the back and people in front leaning back into your shins.
  • Sunsets at 10pm at night- our days are all screwed up in Oregon/WA.  Sun rises early, and doesn’t fully set until almost 10:00.  Kids are all messed up and off schedule and don’t got to bed until 10:30.  They are cranky as heck. Plus, makes for really late fireworks on July 4th.  We said forget it, after 10:30 the fireworks hadn’t yet started.. we left rodeo and I HATE missing fireworks.  Booo!

10 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – Love Vs. Hate

  1. Great list my friend! I love your round about description cause that is EXACTLY what those fuckers are like. We had them in Las Vegas and all I would say is WHY? **in my true Nancy Kerrigan voice**. I will try to keep your road sign info in mind as we are driving through Oregon. Thanks for the mention sweets!

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    1. Thank you. When I am not traveling, I will have more time to peruse other’s blogs. I like commenting. 🙂 SO wecome and I Will visit your site soon! Currently, I am sitting in a darkened hotel room, typing on my cell. (hard) I desperately DO NOT want to wake the kiddos. OR and now WA has our time clocks messed up with sun going down Sooo late. (usually bed early and never sleep in- now it is 10:00/11:00 bedtime and almost 9am wakeups- Trying to ensure they get every wink of sleep they can get. Hubby snuck out to get us coffee. (Rubbing hands in glee)

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    1. Yes and cold. I would be miserable. 😦 I miss bogging and am saving up pictures. It is challenging traveling with kids and dog. 🙂 and too hard to post from phone except ocassional replies and comments. On road again leaving Moses Lake to Clarkston

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    2. You guys are doing a major road trip. Did one with my kids from Georgia to Massachusetts and back one time – unlimited time, so sometimes we would drive about 50 miles and just stop and stay overnight. We had such a good time on that trip. Hope you are having fun!!!!!

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    3. Yes, and no. They were much easier to travel with when they were younger – last time we did OR, WA, Canada (they were 3 and 5) and then NV, AZ, UT, CO, WY (they were 4 and 6) Now at 9 and 11…My kids fight all the time- so the whole being off schedule (later nights / earlier mornings) , constantly changing hotels, and not having their own bed and separate “me” time… and my daughter is very snappy and has melt-downs, she is acting like a 3 year old with temper tantrums. (at 9 years old) and my 11 year old is now being disrespectful and telling me no, talking back…Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun. But there’s always 1 or both with major attitude we’re trying to tread around to keep the driving peace or hotel room peace. They had to share a bed last night (no room on floor for floor mat) and ugh…I had to lay in between them (until they fell asleep) and give them separate blankets. But, when we are doing a FUN activity (in their opinion- like the water park) then they actually smile and are kinda nice to one another. 🙂

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    4. Well – that sounds like fabulous fun!!!! How I envy you. If it makes you feel any better, the bickering never ends, it just is on a much bigger scale. Mine are 17 and 18 now (6′ 5″ and 6′ 4″), and when they were heavier and started one of their fights, I felt like a herd of Elephant Seals was living in my house – with the posturing, the bashing of chests and stomachs. Thankfully, they don’t have those gross wobbly things on their noses – that’s about the only difference.

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