Traveling Maniacs- Six Flags, Redding, and Bend

This is the first chance I’ve had to blog.  I had this post typed up on Monday, but wasn’t able to finish before getting on the road again.

2015-06-27B- packed car for trip- kids and Ozo

Here’s us leaving.  I suppose we should be embarrassed- the packed mini-van and all, but we are going to be living on the road for (3) weeks.  I had to properly prepare for all scenarios!  Packing food so we don’t eat fast food every single meal.2015-06-27A- packed car for trip

First of all, if you ever travel with a dog, the La Quinta Inns are typically reasonable.  We were staying at  the Bend, OR location.  It’s all right.  3 levels with no elevator.  When you have a lot of crap, it kinda sucks not to be on the middle floor, level with the lobby area.  Lots of up and down stairs for those staying in the “basement” area, or upper floor.

Image from: Morris
2015-06-27E- Magic Mtn- Gib in line
      No apprehension. Pure excitement.

We started from Southern, CA (Orange County) and did a quick stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain before heading up the Grapevine (5 Fwy).  We have membership, so we just stopped to ride the new Twisted Colossus only and it was AWESOME!  Fun stuff, right there. (watch virtual video) Ideally, two cars are to be going simultaneously on opposite tracks and you (at certain points in the ride) can “virtually” high-five the other car.  One car flipping upside down over the other car, but in reality, the cars are off sync.  They are constantly moving cars, but in our ride, we didn’t see the other car on the other side of the track.  You get to do both sides of the tracks, the car transitions over to the other side, going up the starting hill one more time.  Well worth the hour wait since it’s the new ride,

These boys are ready to roll
              These boys are ready to roll

everyone wants to check it out, and although no shoulder harnesses, it did NOT give us whiplash!

We then drove for several hours to make it to Redding, CA to sleep, arriving around 11:00 P.M.  The next morning, we got to drive through the beautiful area of Lake Shasta, and Mt. Shasta.  Gorgeous.  Of course, my husband had the camera shoved to the back of the car, so we didn’t have it readily available. No biggie.  A couple of summer’s ago, we rented a houseboat with another family on this lake for a week.  Highly recommend that!  We rented one that had a slide and the kids were in the water constantly.  We have tons of photos (saved on my home computer) but I’m not home- so I borrowed the image below from another blog.

Image from: South West Desert Lover (wordpress) – Shasta lake with Mt. Shasta in the background

Later in the afternoon, we made it to our first destination, Bend, OR.  Our Shih Tzu was going crazy with all the doggie smells.  Lots of great doggies.  It’s a full house here with not much barking going on so all are being well-behaved.  🙂  Good doggies!

Image from: Tumalo

We’re visiting grandpa and grandma, and auntie AND cruising the area, checking to see if we want to move here.  It’s my understanding, it’s very difficult to get any rentals in Bend, OR.  Like a year waiting list and they can’t build quickly enough to meet demand.  Luckily, the grandparents are best friends with a couple- one is in Property Management, and the other is a Real Estate Agent.  So, grandma checked into that connection for us.  We’ll be here until about Thursday.  One day will be spent floating down the Deshutes River.  Which will be blogged about next!




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