Who used all the …

…insert whatever item here.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?

You know how they say when you move-in with someone, you’ll have to get used to their “ways,” meaning their quirks and living habits?  There are a handful of things my spouse does that drives me CRAZY.

For instance, I already know who used all the stamps, because my 11 and 9 year old aren’t yet paying bills, and they haven’t decided to go on a writing letters spree.  I just bought a sheet of stamps for last month’s bills.  I had plenty for another cycle of payments.  (We don’t do everything online)

YET, today, I went to pay 4 bills and all of a sudden I can’t find ANY stamps.  WTH?  Finally, I scrounge up 1 unused Christmas stamp (Yup, Merry Xmas in Summer!) and finally found my recently purchased sheet that had only 1 stamp.  Are you kidding me?  I can only pay 2 bills, and now I have to go to either the supermarket or Post office?

Thanks, honey.  I love you, but not very much right now.  From this point forward, I’m storing the stamps in my wallet so you don’t use them for work purposes.




14 thoughts on “Who used all the …

    1. I don’t trust people at these companies as you always read about people being fired or companies had a breach and had their records “stolen” and now have to notify all their patrons that their online banking account is at risk. So I rarely do any kind of online payments directly from my banking acct. I will make credit card payments, because if someone has your CC number- those credit card companies have a fraud department and insurance, etc… but nothing with my banking account.

      My temp agency payment checks, I have mailed directly to me and not direct deposit. I don’t trust inside temp employees with my banking account number.

      When our daughter had a small surgery procedure, her doctor traveled back-n-forth between his offices in two different cities. He had her file in his briefcase. Left the briefcase in the car, that had all her information and our social security numbers, etc. Someone broke into his car and stole his briefcase. Great. Nothing bad has happened, but our data is out there floating around…

      So, yeah, I pay bills the old fashioned way- write a cheapo check (nothing cute/fancy), and mail with a stamp.

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  1. I hide stamps in the glove compartment of my car. Then I wait ’til I get to the post office parking lot to put stamps on the things I need to send. I mean, I’m not married, so I don’t have to worry about anyone coming around and sneaking off with stamps. But I had a tendency to forget where I last put the stamps until I decided the glove compartment was a good location. It’s not like I was keeping gloves in there.

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  2. I hide stamps in a secret compartment in my wallet and when asked if I have a stamp, I vehemently deny any possession of said stamps. That way he has to go to the grocery store to get some. I know it’s passive-aggressive, but it works (and I always have stamps)!!!!

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    1. You gotta do what you gotta do. I have secret stashes of everything, because from personal experience I know my family members will use up every last thing and never replace it. Don’t tell, okay?

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