Camel Walk meets Peter Gunn

Now, this Camel Walk is the kind of dancing I can DO.  And I can walk like an Egyptian too… I don’t know what made me think of this song the other day, but it’s a funky, twangy tune.  Reminds me of Art of Noise/Duanne Eddy  (see the video below)  LOVE IT … and one day, I was like “Whew, little Debbie, little Debbie…”

… where did that come from, where on Earth would I get that phrase, it had to originate somewhere…

GOOGLE is my friend, because I would never had known a band called Southern Culture On the Skids.  That would never, ever, come to mind or their song CAMEL WALK.

There’s so many endearing qualities to this video/song.  Although this song is from 1995, the beehives remind me of one of my favorite 80’s bands The B52s that mimicked the 60’s.  There are bits of a movie inter-twined with the music video and I love Patricia Arquette and Ben Stiller, the 1996 movie Flirting with Disaster.  I’m not familiar with those scenes, but they perfectly go with the music video.  I’ll have to watch that movie now on Netflix.

Above I mentioned how Camel Walk reminds me of the Art of Noise (featuring Duanne Eddy), the Peter Gunn theme.  So, I watched that video for the first time ever, and never knew HOW Funny, it was…




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