That’s why you didn’t have more kids

My kids first day off from school, starting summer break, and watching old movies.  HOME ALONE was chosen and they are both watching it together, very unusual.

So, the scene comes where the mother, on an airplane enroute to France, finally figures out what she’s forgotten… her 8-year-old boy at home!  She then goes on about how horrible a mother she is to forget her son and the father attempts to make her feel better by stating they simply “miscounted” the 12 kids they had with them.

My 9-year-old daughter has an “aha” moment, turns to me and states:

“THAT’S why you didn’t have more kids…you didn’t want to count.”

Yup, that simplifies it, among other reasons.


11 thoughts on “That’s why you didn’t have more kids

    1. My husband was ready to advance to more complicated math (after 1 + 1 = 2) and I was like “Hey, zero’s a number… so we can add that existing 2 balance to zero and that equals 2. Math problem solved. We’re done! No need for further complications.”


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