Okay, Aaron, I’ll play.  The Confusing Middle posted this:  could be fun. Take the first letter of your first name, then write answers based on the following list. You know, like the game… Scattergories… but no pesky time limit! Can’t be that hard, right? (well, I tried to do mine fast)

  1. What is your name? Sandi
  2. A four letter word: Sham
  3. A boy’s name: Steve
  4. A girl’s name: Sherry
  5. An occupation: Store Manager
  6. A color: Silver
  7. Something you wear: Shorts
  8. A food: Strawberries
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Stink
  10. A place: Space
  11. A reason for being late: Spinning-round-like-record (round- round- round)
  12. Something you shout: SHIT!
  13. A movie title: Superman
  14. Something you drink: Strawberry Margarita
  15. A musical group: Siouxsie and the Banshees
  16. An animal: Shark
  17. A street name: Shady Elm
  18. A type of car: suped-up muscle car

Who’s next?


8 thoughts on “Scattergories

    1. Scott, I do declare BS. Let me see your paper and answers…

      Because out of all the bathroom items
      (shower, sink, steam, stuff in the toilet, sheets of tp, spray, shaving cream, shaver, soap, shampoo) – to come up with stink?

      And spin round like a record? You could have been late because you were skipping, skirt-chasing, skadoodling, shenanigans, Spearing, shit storm hit?

      I don’t know any car names, but I’m sure yours is different, like a Stingray Corvette? Some Super-duper car?


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