Chicken Outlaw

My recent post, my buddy Paul over at the attic, made some comments about his having numerous kids he lost count.  When I stated they were running amok, and why a state-wide/nation-wide notice wasn’t sent warning us…he stated some made the Top Wanted list, while others were the honor students referenced on other people’s bumper stickers.

Well, Paul, this post goes out to you… because I responded your kids are honor students and outlaws, and that there is a post for you in that somewhere, now I can’t get this 80’s tune out of my head.  YES, I was a huge 80’s new wave fan.  And loved me Adam and the Ants.  This band, one of the guys used to play for Adam Ant.  It’s a fun, kid-friendly, jig by Wide Boy Awake, “Chicken Outlaw”  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good quality video.  I tried MTV and VH1, but to pull up 80’s archives, is so challenging.


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