Cheers to Noogie Pie

My friend, Paul, calls himself the Captain, is celebrating his blog’s anniversary of 2 years.  (see his post) CHEERS to him!  Any real man chooses his own name, according to How I met your mother.

Of course, love him… but, he’s a greedy thing.  He’s already been Freshly Pressed twice or three times, can’t recall.  Now he’s wanting more commenters on his site.  To top it off, he’s requesting everyone to bring food, potluck style, in honor of him… and now requesting a GIFT!  Jeez, some people…  Okay, since he’s my blogging pal, I’ll comply.

Yo, Cap’in, my gift to you is, I’m sending the Skipper over to give you a noogie, little buddy.  I heard he’s the best, so expect delivery anytime this week.  It can happen at any hour of the day.  Oh, and he’ll bring dessert, as well, I’ve baked a pie in your honor.


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