It’s time

My first day off from working my long-term temp job and I’m already OUTTA CONTROL… the kids have 1 full day left of school, and then tomorrow they have minimum day that’s it.  So, I have 1.5 days of FREEDOM before kids start summer break… and guess what I’m doing?  Not a whole lot…

Because we took the Odyssey van in for maintenance to prepare for our long driving trip this summer.  It was time for a new timing belt (HA!) and a couple of other things that is going to cost $1,000.00.  So much for my little meager savings.  Now our long driving trip, what is not work related costs are going to be extremely limited, and we just are going to have to enjoy the hotels.  We won’t have money for anything else or very little.  (credit cards are getting some action)  Shoot, if we’re going to have a pity party, let’s get the Disco card, man.

“Craziest thing. Never seen anything like it. Ever.”

So, we were all set to leave town this Wednesday.  (what I mean by that, nothing is ready, just we were aiming to be ready)  The van was supposed to be done this past Saturday… UNTIL the mechanic broke the car.

That’s right.  (I couldn’t believe it either)

I guess parts they got from the manufacturer weren’t made properly, and essentially, when they installed it and ran the motor- everything “crumbled.”   They had never seen anything like it- never happens!  Of course, it doesn’t.  Just for us…now…to mess up our plans.  (good thing we like our mechanic and have been going to him for 10 years- or I wouldn’t have believed him.)

Funny thing, we didn’t want to PRESS OUR LUCK,  and tried having the timing belt replaced before driving miles, we didn’t want to chance having it break and damaging other things while on the road…yet, what we were trying to avoid, happened anyway!   The timing was off with the new part, and broke things. We got the Whammy, man, and we weren’t even playing!  So now they have to take the engine apart and figure it all out- find the broken pieces- and what other parts were damaged in this process.

              “Oh, okay, we understand. Shoot.”

REALLY?  How do you act to that news in a dignified way?  This might put a kink in our 4th of July plans, as our trip is now off schedule.  Since it wasn’t their fault, or so they say, we couldn’t fault them and be angry, but handled the news gracefully.  And ensured they understood we needed the car ASAP.  No amount of yelling and cursing is going to solve the issue or make the process go quicker.

Thankfully, they are fixing what they broke without extra fee to us and the mechanic will take it up with Honda… but now we are out the car 5-7 business days!  (approx.)   They don’t know how long it’s really going to take as they have to send a section of the motor to another source to really ensure it’s working properly.   Today, my hubby has to call the various hotels we had planned for the first two weeks of our trip and cancel our reservations.  That BLOWS.  While he’s doing that…

I have to focus on  addressing the mischievous pixie we have living with us.  That is the only conclusion I can come to as to why every time I turn around, there are piles of dishes and laundry to wash/put away… no matter how hard I work, those piles mysteriously never reduce.  Does anyone have the house elf, Doby’s (from Harry Potter), business card?  I need him to get rid of the naughty sprite and help around the house.  Maybe pack a few things for me- at no charge, of course.


28 thoughts on “It’s time

  1. Ahhh no! That’s too bad :/ I hope your actual trip goes off without a hitch. I’m glad that you were able to handle the situation without yelling or cursing at the guys, that’s very mature of you. I don’t know how I would have handled the situation. I can only hope I would have been as graceful as you were! Good luck with the sprites, I’ve been having the same issue and have yet to find a dobby to help.


    1. I know, I know :/ I’m sorry. I thought I had a good lead and then it turned out to be Kreacher, and you do NOT want him in your home.

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    1. Thank you, George. We should be able to, but the portion we had “planned” needs to be unplanned now as we don’t know “when” we get to leave. So that’s a bummer for 4th of July. We intended to be in Salem, OR. or possibly a part of WA. I don’t know now.


  2. You guys handle situations so well! In my family a tiny hitch is met with constant grumbling and then the finger pointing game begins. ‘It’s because you took the car 10 days ago to the grocery, I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN’ ‘This is why me and dad always warn you of the consequences of skipping breakfast’???! Anyways, hope the actual trip goes amazingly well without a glitch 🙂


    1. You’re one of my favorites- are you sharing your name at all? I’ve tried looking on your site. I’m Sandi. I’d love to know who you are so I can address you by name. 🙂 Without have to call you “Babysteps22” as I would shorten that…and to say “Baby” – I feel a little weird calling you that. I could say “Step 22” but then that sounds like a process.

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    2. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I typed in babysteps. My name is Mythili! 😀 I don’t think any other details need to be discussed since you must be knowing them all by now. 😉 Probably enough for all the kids at school to go ‘Sandi and Mythili sitting on a tree..’


    3. Awesome, I need to be able to say your name in my head properly. Or else I’m going to make up some strange thing like Milli Vanilli – and your true name is much more interesting and prettier than something that sounds like a cupcake

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    4. That’s soo sweet! Thaank you, Sandi(This is SO cool!-Why hadn’t we exchanged names all this time? I always did refer to you as ‘floppy’ in my head. As you can see it was a very witty original nickname. Calling you Sandi is going to take sometime getting used to. This is probably why they warn us not to share our personal details to weird over-enthusiasts.) 😀


    5. I’m fine with floppy, flopster, etc. I just like knowing the names of other blogging pals again, calling you baby just was weird for me. I’ve actually went and met one blogging Pal in Canada, Donna when my family was traveling one year. I’m facebook friends with a few. 🙂 Well, what’s to say people are giving out real names? It just makes it feel more personal, but do we really know their true identity? Stage names? Like actors?

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    6. Hahah, I would have come with something way more cooler than Mythili. Believe me. I was named after a mythical princess who used to worship the ground her husband used to walk on. But when he became the king he proved that a true king places his subjects opinions over his own since they were gossiping about the ‘purity’ of his wife since she was kidnapped by another evil king for a while. So he did the ‘honourable’ thing by dumping her in the middle of the forest when she was carrying his twins. And I’m named after her. Which is why my alias would have a faar cooler name than the one I have now. I think it’s the second time in three days I’m mentioning this story in WordPress. 😉

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    7. Definitely! 🙂 The last time I was in US I was at that age where I was too obsessed with Mickey and Minnie in Orlando that I don’t recall anything besides that in the entire trip! Hopefully, if there’s a next time I’ll manage to spend a little time visiting other places. Especially California 😉


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