LOA- no such thing for a temporary staffed person

My never-ending temp saga is now coming to an END today.  (for now)

So, we last left off where my “boss,” gave me “permission,” to take LOA (leave of absence) for the summer and when I come back, I need to work full time.  We of course, speculated what that actually meant… Full time- as in “perm” employment or full-time “Temp” hours?  Honestly, what would it matter if I worked a 6 hour day vs. an 8 hour day as a temp, when he has two other full-time people?  Being the reliable, hard worker, I am… I still would produce more work and accurately, than my co-workers would in a 10 hour day.

So, it’s all or nothing, with this dude.  He seriously acts like a petulant 5 year-old, not getting his way.. he wants what he wants…trying every trick-in-the-book to “force” me to work the hours he wants, because he likes my reports, etc.  He wants to “force” me to be an auditor, because he knows I would be good at it… and I know I would be, as well.  However, I’m just interested in administration/support at this time.   If they don’t want to hire me after 2.5 years, and give me benefits, then I’m working my own hours to suit my needs as a consultant.  It’s obvious they need someone like me to catch all our department errors and follow-up on issues and remind the rest of the team to do their jobs.  Being a medical device company, we’re constantly audited.

WELL… today, he had me meet with him, AND the staffing rep.  Where she stated:

“Temps don’t have LOA.  And you don’t qualify for LOA, because you are not on maternity leave or had anyone pass away in your family, or sick with cancer or something.  We have to make sure you understand, this is not LOA, where you get to return to your job.  This is considered you RESIGNING, your boss should have never used the term LOA.” 

(um, okay, I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head) my boss and staffing agent exchanged looks, and I could tell he was thinking I would be scared and expected/hoped I’d quickly say

“Oh, wait, let me talk to my  hubby, I don’t want to resign, I’m sure I can stay and work.”  (nope, sorry, still leaving for summer break.)

The Staffing Agent continued…

“After your break, you can come back and see me/your boss to see if there are any available positions that we can consider you for, because you’ve been here a long time and know quite a bit about history, etc. and are good at your job and we’d hate to lose that.  But we can’t guarantee there will be availability anywhere when you return.   This is a business we have to run…”

…which this is funny, because I don’t have a position to fill- they haven’t created one, that’s one of the reasons WHY I can’t be hired perm- there’s no technical position to move into- I’m technically helping with “over-flow” on a long-term temporary basis, but actually have been assigned critical items and they have 2 full timers and I’m training them!  There’s no WAY, they can get another temp in to do what I do, it’s too specialized, without being there a couple of years themselves to gain the experience and knowledge of the company culture, various software, various departments linked to our dept., etc. Good luck with that.

…then my boss jumps in and states, all in his grumpy voice- it’s obvious they weren’t originally truly intending to replace me,  just threatening to…he expected me to be scared to be out of a job… and figured he’d insert more demands…(oh, you fool- that was soooo the wrong time)

“And you will have to be at this building.  You CAN’T BE HERE.”

I had to remind him, that they moved us into a construction zone, with active construction and debris particles in the air and I had a major asthma flare-up, that required very expensive $300.00 medicine that I had to be moved to the original building until all construction was completed at the new building, and I can’t return until all construction is completed and there are no longer carpet or paint fumes.  I had (2) doctors – mine, and the staffing agency’s doctor confirm, an asthmatic cannot be in an active constructive zone.  They both wrote me notes.  My boss was pissed, when the staffing agent moved me to the other location. (temporary until construction is completed at the new building)

So, he brings that up- and he said:

“Well, it’s almost done, there’s still some going on in the Engineering department, and they are building a cafeteria that probably won’t be completed until months later.  So, you have to decide if you’re willing to deal with that.” 

(ASS HOLE!  I can’t believe you said that you F’er.  Like I’m going to risk my  health for some crappy temp job.  Are you kidding?  I guess breathing is over-rated now)

So, I just nodded, there was no reasoning with him.  He was all ticked off and steam rollin’ because I was still leaving and he wasn’t expecting me to agree to my, basically forced, resignation.

Of course, he finishes it off with:

“…and you need to keep in touch with me regularly this summer. “

WHY?  So he can call me and ask me questions, possibly help train the new temp “taking my spot?”  without being paid?  Or is it to act like someone is there, making me desperate to return?

Sorry!  I don’t really want to work for you anymore.  If I’m not going to be offered a permanent job, with benefits, I’m NOT going to return temping for you.  There is absolutely NO incentive for me.  If I want to remain temp, there are plenty of agencies that know and love me and will look for part-time hours.  And plenty of others I can join, because staffing agencies LOVE people like me.  I have an impressive resume (worked for some high-end companies) and independent, reliable, friendly, and learn quickly.

If anything, my resume will look even better with this company name on it.  But my boss, he SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT, so lame. He took a gamble, and thought I’d crumble to his will.  He’s only allowed 2 full-time people, that’s all his department has, but me- the 3rd – was extra that the department kept paying for… so lame.  Now he’s threatening to give my job to another.  What job?  There’s never been a true position to move into.


10 thoughts on “LOA- no such thing for a temporary staffed person

  1. Oooooh man I woulda gone out with such a bang! 😂 Obviously you are more gracious than I am. I am glad you are DONE and off on your summer adventure! For now, mine has been completely shit canned. We need to talk soon. ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay… I’m sorry hear that for you. Yes, we’ll talk soon. I’m crazy woman right now. I’m washing laundry, making lists (we decided to camp- so there’s all that shit to pack) – pulling out gear, determining what we need and going to store… 😦 the less than glamorous part of being able to leave… can’t we just leave?


  2. That totally backfired! Hahah, he deserves it! Now you can continue planning on a great summer while he figures out a way to untie all the fancy knots he made with his little tongue. 😉


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