Vampires are going to sacrifice Children

Don’t you hate it when…

People don’t listen to you?

What would you do if you open your front door to see a woman, with FANGS, and she announces to you that Vampires are going to kill children as a sacrifice?

Naturally, you’d want to alert the police… right?  Even better if you know where one of them resides.  Best to get right to the point.  Now… to get attention, you need everyone’s attention to alert them to the pending doom of these children.  So, it’s sheer cleverness to jump on the hood of a police man’s vehicle, at their residence, and dance and create such a ruckus, mischief, that the neighbors will hear and send other police.

click for article and see video

DONE!  Mission Accomplished.  Except what do you do when people don’t believe you?  Other’s must pick up in your absence.

Apparently, this man has been trying to alert everyone forever, because he’s been in trouble for disturbing the peace in the past.  (It doesn’t matter that he’s a sex offender) – here’s the thing…no drugs, no alcohol, and not diagnosed with mental illness… police were not entirely convinced.  So they took “crazy” dude  to the hospital where the hospital medically cleared him so they carted him off to jail for disturbing the peace by gyrating on hood of car.

He was medically CLEARED.  Nothing wrong with him.

So, please tell me… who’s addressing this vampire situation and going to save the children?  VAMPIRES people…Seriously, who’s got Buffy or Angel on speed dial?

You now are aware, and are responsible for spreading the news to others- to protect the kids.  How are you going to do it?  I think I’ll hook up a microphone to a car and drive the streets, shouting through the speakers.  But, when I get arrested, someone else has to pick up the “awareness” cause so the police don’t think I’m crazy.  Power in numbers!



6 thoughts on “Vampires are going to sacrifice Children

  1. The scariest part of that was how close the guy got to the car in front of him. Oof. Maybe the guy never got asked to prom and just likes to dance.


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