Y’all gonna make me lose my mind

OH, my Gawd… people at work are driving me crazy.  When I was looking for clip art of me losing my mind, this song popped up and I’m like- oh yeah, I remember that song…like that beat and chorus.  It’s perfect for how I’m feeling!

For my regular readers:  you know I’m preparing to take a LOA from my temp job to travel this summer.   Friday is my last day for the summer.  Being the good little worker I am…I’m trying to get everything in order and for a particular log to work smoothly while I’m on my LOA.  There are certain things I’ve been solely coordinating, that we are now making a group thang.  Well, if you have ever had experience with sharing a “log” –common spreadsheet with others, you know it DOESN’T WORK.  People that should be updating their items, don’t.  Someone makes an update to an area, and another undoes it…no one communicates.  My favorites are when someone removes/or adds a column.  It’s like when you send an e-mail request to a couple/few recipients and just generalize what you need… and you receive no response, but they all assume the “other” is taking care of said issue.

So I’ve been living and breathing in this spreadsheet that tracks our SCARs (Supplier Corrective Action Requests) where an engineer is following up with our suppliers to ensure they find the root cause of issue, and produce a corrective action plan, and effectivity date of when they expect to implement plan.  We later perform verification of effectiveness to see if the Corrective Action worked… This log has a column for key elements to track and ensure we keep things on schedule without missing anything.

Sounds so simple, yet, when I gave individual e-mails to our engineers, listing the SCARs they needed to follow up on, pertaining to verifications… the shit hit the fan.  No one… and I mean NO ONE wants to follow up on their crap or be responsible for tracking of things while I’m gone.  Look, it doesn’t matter that Mexico issued the SCAR, your name is the name assigned to that supplier…YOU are responsible to following up with Mexico and supplier to ensure the administrative portion is complete should we be audited.

The new dude and I went back-n-forth, where he tried to tell me I was wrong… about a process I’m in charge of and have been for 2 years and the log has been the most organized it’s ever been.  This dude has the gall to tell me I was changing process (no, that is his speciality), and if I didn’t understand the SCAR process, then I need have a meeting with him and the boss.

ARE YOU F’in kidding me?  New boy who’s only been here 2 months.  “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here….  Y’all gonna make me lose my cool, up in here, up in here.”

So, that was the first time I watched that video and it seems to be based on mistaken identity.  I looked up the lyrics.  I seriously can’t understand anything outside of the chorus.  I think this is the funniest group of lines and so applicable, if my life were a rap star:

Nigga runnin’ his mouth, I’m a blow his lung out
Listen, yo’ ass is about to be missin’
You know who gon’ find you? (Who?) Some old man fishin’


16 thoughts on “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind

  1. This is probably when my mom will say something like ‘He’s being like that because he secretly has a crush on you, obviously’. I prefer my version way better, he’s being like that because he’s crazy. Bleh! In a few days, you’ll be travelling and having a great time and he can just go about changing and re-changing the process till he deems it fit! 😉

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    1. That process changer he is! Dang it. grrr. You know, it’s funny… it’s not about things having to change- I don’t mind process improvements. (key word improvement) but you gotta give me some credit that I might know what I’m talking about and not to make all these changes over night without taking time to understand all the faucets involved. I dared asked him to do some work. That’s right- I DARED. He pushed back.

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  2. This is a great opportunity. So, go away and enjoy yourself. When you come back, either they will have figured out how much they need you (and you can make your own terms), or everything will be so screwed up that it will be extra fun to just walk away from it all.

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    1. WELL SAID!

      🙂 I’m so organized, I think it will suffice for a couple of months – depending on how much activity there is… they really need 6 months to make a BIG mess of things… with this particular spreadsheet, whoever has to perform the supplier metrics report each month, will have to ensure the log is updated properly before they can even produce a report. 🙂

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  3. Meh, it IS a temp job. I would give 0 fucks and walk away laughing at the catastrophe he will inevitably create while you are gone. When you return, he will probably be gone. I do hope we somehow cross paths in our summer adventures! I am going to try to text you today. Can you text at work? I was in Portland all day yesterday and Monday but today I am home resting.


    1. YES- wait apparently, I forgot to charge my phone – it’s at 40%. We have made plans (not yet concrete- but pretty much) – we will be in SALEM for 4th of July. I think there’s some rodeo we are going to check out? Let’s chat… I do have to get some reports done before I leave- so can we chat any time after 3pm?

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    2. Ok. I may or may not be here. I might be in California for the 4th. BUT… if you are passing thru the Bay Area on the 3rd, we can meet up! Unless the docs tell me to stay put, in which case I will be in Salem. Everything is up in the air right now….


    3. Well, we will be there probably before then… we are still deciding if we are hitting Bend first or after.. or if we are driving right up to Seattle. (We are going to the Seattle Mariners Vs Angels game) either that July Thursday/Friday night. That’s not all yet set in stone. We are for sure going to the baseball game.

      We will be in the bay area end of June… actually, we are going to stay in Napa area – Kids get out of school Tuesday June 23rd- I think Wed/Thursday June 24th-25th we’ll be in Napa. I will take the kids to 6 Flags Northern CAL while Bill meets with his rep and does the SF area. I don’t think we are going to be in SF area too long.. I don’t know. It all depends when Bill’s rep can meet too. Such a pain figuring all this out. The original thought was to get out of Cali quickly and immediately drive to Bend, and then head over to Salem on the 3rd. So, we’ll keep in contact along the way and hopefully, we can meet along the way somewhere… or give each other a virtual HIGH 5 as we pass each other on the freeway.

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  4. Hahaha “some old man fishin'” this sounds like such a mess. I’ve been dealing with spreadsheet trouble myself today too. Someone saved the spreadsheet to their desktop and I can’t access from my computer :/ New guy needs to just slow his roll! I hope this gets better and that you enjoy your leave!

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    1. See, you get what I mean- when you have to share a spreadsheet, it’s a PAIN… and gotta be a better way. That’s how the manager set it up…

      YES… if anyone was going to pick up on those lyrics would be Mindy (and my guess Paul from the attic) HAHAH.

      I laughed so hard when I read that lyric. Of course, I don’t mean that. Only if I were a rapper. Then that stuff would get real.

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