Train not trim the fat?

So, I was up very early this morning, like at 3AM (damn heartburn) and turned on TV. Of course, the first thing that popped on was an infomercial for the Genie Hourglass.  At first, this looked really cool!  I like Genie bras.  Even while I was struggling to see, I was still able to determine all they did was redesign the girdle deathtrap.

I laughed because, “get that hour glass” shape.  The product claims it “Smoothes and rolls bulges.”  Yeah, probably in that one spot, pushing all the fat upward toward your breasts,  I don’t need more boobs, thanks.  Most of the “models” are skinny so that really doesn’t show me anything.  They did have one full figured woman, and honestly, I didn’t see much of a difference- they measured the waist- well, of course it’s 2 inches smaller- you squeezed everything in with fat or bulges going somewhere else.  Take a look at the model below, I think adding the extra layer of a belt is what makes the shirt fit tighter, and adding to curves.  Seriously, look at her “after-I-have-it-on” face… smiling tightly, but it appears between her teeth she is gasping “I can’t move.”  See deathtrap.

The images below are from Genie’s website.

Genie Hour glass girdle- before and after

Further looking at the product, it’s Velcro and it takes up the entire waist.Genie Hour glass girdle- takes up entire waist  That’s great support for my boobs – no underwire in my bra necessary.  Awesome, so I’m good if I’m just standing, but what if I drop something and I have to bend down to pick it up and what about sitting in a chair? I fear all those around me would hear the “rip” of the Velcro as it strains against added pressure and possible ripping apart completely and falling off… then the FAT WOULD SPRING FREE… and possibly knock out anyone nearby… See Death trap.

Genie Hour glass girdle- velcro product

…and please tell me, exactly WHAT are we training… our fat? After a few weeks of wearing this, our body is just going to remain in that state? Well, YES… I do agree if you hold in you tummy constantly (the way we are supposed to) our abs will become stronger, we’ll point our tailbones down and we’ll stand taller, resulting for better posture for our back… I’d rather just concentrate on doing that without some contraption making regular breathing difficult…or risking Velcro failure.   And training your fat or naturally uncurved body to curve… like that’s gonna work when you’re not wearing the product?  Hey FAT, get back in line!  I suppose we should just trim the fat for health sake, practice isometrics, and be happy with whatever natural hereditary shape you should be… we’re all beautiful in any shape and size and should be emphasizing health.

Here’s a question to the guys:  You’re attracted to a woman, ask her out… date a period of time and then when it comes to disrobing, you discover she’s been wearing one of these the entire time.  Her natural curve is in fact several, possibly unflattering curves.  Do you feel that she misrepresented herself, like old photos posted on a dating website, where when you meet they are several years older looking?

Here’s a question to you ladies:  Do any of you own this or interested in buying this, and if so, why?  I think it appears to offer some great support, if that’s what you need.  My guess is it would help with back issues?  I don’t know.  What I do know, is I wore a girdle under my prom dress and I was miserable the entire evening.  I’m sure this is a softer version, but still not my bag.


11 thoughts on “Train not trim the fat?

  1. Ugh. Because a bra, thong, heels, and makeup AREN”T already all uncomfortable enough, we also should wear a fucking girdle now too? Barf. I have resorted to wearing mostly yoga pants and sports bras these days. MUUUUUCH more comfy uhthankyouverymuch. Oh and shaving my legs? NOPE. I mean, I still DO, but it sucks. I miss those good ol’ days back when the MEN wore heels, powdered wigs and blush and THEY had to gussy up for US!

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  2. As I guy yes I would find this misleading. I know looks aren’t everything but in the beginning I’m more likely to ask out someone I find “attractive” then unattractive that’s the laws of nature. If the person I’m attracted to appears one way but in truth is hiding an extra roll of flub I would kind of be like WTF.

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  3. My body looks like it’s been subjected under a steam roller so I’m not sure I would need one of these. I struggle enough with a padded bra that I HAVE to wear when my dress hangs loose at the front during special occasions. I always feel weird and pathetic. Especially when I’m in a car with the seatbelt wedged between my non-existent breasts, I always keep looking down to make sure one of them hasn’t suddenly deflated or something. Even though the padded ones aren’t huge or anything, I feel uncomfortable. It’s weird, but I always feel comfortable in my own skin despite the tiny proportions. So I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked this product even if it would have been of some use to me.

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  4. That has to be ridiculously uncomfortable and to what ultimate purpose. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Just be yourself, whomever that might be. And to answer your question, as a guy I would not like it but if I cared about the person it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

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  5. Doesn’t Kim Kardashian wear some corset contraption that works on the same theory of squishing everything together? I don’t know how I know that little tidbit of useless information. It’s kind of embarrassing!!!!

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