Been a lot of Helicopter action lately

We live in a fairly safe city, one of the safest and smaller so it doesn’t necessarily make those “safe city” lists, but Irvine and Mission Veijo have and Lake Forest is sandwiched in between those two cities.

As far as Southern California goes, Lake Forest is a great place to live.  We like our neighbors and other families.  It’s just expensive, or rather, all of Southern California is beginning to become too costly to raise a family and gain any kind of savings without living check-to-check.  We just can’t get ahead and have nothing saved for a rainy day.  BUT our city is safe!  However…

Lately, this wonderfully, safe haven has had a lot of helicopter activity.  Like any city, you have your “better” sides of town and typically any helicopter/cop action is not near where I live and work, but on the other side of town.  However, recently this past month… I don’t know if Orange County Sheriffs are breaking out the helicopter for minor things or if there is a true need for “eyes-in-the-skies.”  Regardless, the first thing we all think is they are trying to catch a murderer, or bank robber.  Yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are just trying to locate a “person-of-interest” for any random thing.  When many of the Orange County police/sheriff’s drive BMW motorcycles and crime is not high, it just makes me wonder if a helicopter signifies a true threat existing to the public.

No matter what, as soon as you hear the chopper, you still get concerned (and on high alert) especially when it flies up and down your street flashing the spot light and flying around for an hour at night and eventually you hear the cops yell “STOP!” – later we found out it was a “hit and run” (no injuries) that someone smacked into another person’s car and then took off… huh… so the helicopter came out to assist the sheriff’s in capturing this individual that was hiding in our neighborhood.  (some scared, drunk, young person).   Okay, out of the 10 years I’ve been living here, that’s the first activity we had like that.

Then this morning, on my way into work (I work in the same city) – There’s a helicopter flying in a circle at the main corner/signal.  As I turn and enter my work’s parking lot, the helicopter put on his spot light (I guess to try and see better in the over-cast morning) and flew over and hovered over my work’s building.  WHAT is going on here lately?  Does south Orange County have a new toy helicopter they are playing with or has this area truly starting to have big-time crime?  I wonder if there’s a website we can see the reason each time OC sheriff’s dispatch the helicopter.  I’d be curious.

 By the way, interesting fact… although Irvine and Mission Viejo has made the safest city lists… does anyone remember the serial killer back in 1984/1985 that was terrorizing Southern California and Northern CA – Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker” – he’d break into bedroom windows at night and kill people in their sleep.  The scariest part was he didn’t just stick to one county, he was all over LA and OC county and San Francisco.  A Mission Viejo 13-year-old boy, was up late at night and startled The Night Stalker away, got his license plate number that lead to the police identifying him as Richard Ramirez and ultimately his arrest.  CRAZY, huh?  Read this article


16 thoughts on “Been a lot of Helicopter action lately

    1. I figured one of my clever blogger friends would point that out… I was just banking on “who” would do it first… I WOULD NOT HAVE BET ON YOU… as being the first individual to point that out. My guess is Paul will point this very same thing out… 🙂 My Gawd.. could you imagine a case of mistaken identity. What… I didn’t do anything. Really.


  1. I read the article, that guy is one creepy dude (but he does have nice cheekbones). I was standing out in my backyard one night at about 2 in the morning waiting for my Great Dane to relieve himself and a helicopter came over me and just hovered with it’s light and everything. I felt like a possum, because I couldn’t move. Freaked me out!!!!

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    1. If you are referring to Richard Ramirez, he terrorized our youth. It wasn’t that he just killed people, it was the brutality and fact that no one had an identity for him until that 13 year old picked up the car license plate and Ramirez missed wiping off 1 fingerprint. Before that, he killed, raped, beat a lot of people. He targeted yellow houses too, I think? My best friend lived in a yellow house. We grew up in San Gabriel Valley where a lot of his attacks were taking place, people were sleeping as a family in their living rooms, because a lot of entries happened via bedroom windows. And he moved around, a transient… so the cops were having difficulty because he went to various counties and Northern CA to Southern CA.

      As for you and the spotlight:
      They were making sure you were picking up after you dog… Great Dane POOP is an offense if not picked up…

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    2. That would be so creepy to have a guy like that loping around the neighborhood, you couldn’t go outside or do anything.
      That’s like in Phoenix, when those two guys were driving around and just randomly shooting people from their car. That was freaky too. But I think I would be less scared of 2 rednecks with a gun and a crappy car than I would be of the guy with the evil eyes that tormented your guys neighborhood.

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    3. I think they terrorized Phoenix for a couple of months. Let me Google it. I will be right back…….They shot 6 people. The one guy died in his prison cell in 2013.


    4. I know, what an awful family history. If I was the guardian of that girl I would definitely change her name, so she wasn’t associated with that last name. Although I watched this show about this horrible man in Georgia who was a serial killer – killed about 40 people, and from the way she was talking, it seemed she adored him and wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed about what her father had done. Of course, to listen to her, she didn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer, but still you have to wonder about the human mind sometimes(actually – maybe a lot of the time).


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