Dear Suicidal Pilot and the airlines they work for:

Thank you for making me afraid of using an airline as transportation.  My 11-year-old has been bugging me to take him somewhere, anywhere on a plane again as he hasn’t flown since he was 3.  He loved it and wants to travel soon.  We were thinking of flying to Chicago…and now, because of your actions… I’m not so sure of our safety.  So here’s a plea to those contemplating suicide that are in charge of others safety…

… if you are thinking of offing yourself any time soon… and probably already aware there are programs out there for you… should you disregard those programs and move forward with your plan…please be courteous and not take innocent people with you.  This goes for anyone in charge of other’s safety, like bus drivers and train operators, etc.  We already have enough to think about when it comes to terrorists, that we don’t have to worry what kind of day the pilot is having, as well.

I’m sorry you are distraught (and your loved ones should be ensuring you are seeking professional help) or suffer from mental issues that the airlines should have frequent, stringent evaluations in place to discover if someone is not quite right in the head.  The companies should ensure measures are in place that no one can purposely change the course of an airplane/locomotive without another pilot/driver/engineer agreeing.   I’m thinking the process should kinda be like that whole getting ready to let a nuclear bomb go… there are processes in place, secret codes, keys, etc… so that bombs are not just released by some person on a whim.  To alter a course of an airplane, should require secondary agreement or the control center or whatever.

According to this article, it looks like it took this incidence to make some changes, it’s so sad that it required a tragedy before issues were addressed, and this particular pilot had history with Leave of absence with this airline due to his mental state.  Ugh.  Here’s a quote from the article:

“In the aftermath of the crash, Japan Airlines says it set up a committee dedicated to reviewing “both the physical and mental health of flight crew for ensuring safe flight operations,” and has an established support system in place, including  psychiatric expertise. And faced with the recent horror of not being able to trust a sole pilot at the helm, a number of airlines responded to the Germanwings crash with new rules requiring at least two personnel in the cockpit at all times.”

I know in the USA, the pilots lock themselves behind closed doors so that terrorists can’t take over the plane.  However, what happens when one of the pilots goes psycho?


7 thoughts on “Dear Suicidal Pilot and the airlines they work for:

    1. Well, I think there was someone in there with him, but he made the decision and acted so quickly, the other guy couldn’t stop it. That’s why I think there needs to be a “control” process where they both have to press something before descending and landing… I think they should have frequent, stringent, psych evals when you are in charge of people’s lives. This guy was accepted back after his first mental break… regardless of their findings, they should have NEVER allowed him to fly again… sorry, but there are other pilots out there wanting to fly that are perfectly sound of mind.

      Trista- I had to approve your comment again… so weird. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to tell wordpress I accept your comments. Are you changing e-mail addresses or passwords or something? I haven’t “unapproved” any of your comments ever???


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