Should I stay or should I go now…

Guys, I’ve posted about this before- my challenges as a temp, or rather, contract person.  As mentioned, I’ve been working for a very well-known, international, medical device company.  The president has been on Good Morning America, etc.  I’ve been working in their Quality Assurance group- in the sub QA department of Supplier Quality.  Our group performs on-site audits of manufacturing plants providing us supplies for our products, most of these plants are in Asia, some sporadically spread out across USA.  I’m really good with follow-up skills, pulling reports, remembering changes we made, reminding people about things and finding errors and correcting before we’re internally audited, etc.

What was supposed to be just a 3 week coverage for someone on maternity leave extended to almost 2.5 years now (in August).  I’m such a perfect fit for this job, that they decided to keep me on with hopes that I would study, take the SQA test and become an auditor.  However, I never have time to read all this material my boss dumped on me- that I’m supposed to read in my “spare time” when I’m spread thin as a mother, have a child with a learning disorder and trying to figure out the extent of that and actions going forward, and sports, and homework…plus regular life duties, and be a wife somewhere in there, as well.  Plus, throwing 5 books and a “sample” test disc my boss had from his class, that’s not how I learn.  Two paragraphs in and I’m zoning out…  Definition of words that mean one thing in regular conversation have a completely different meaning in the Auditing world.  SO, it’s like learning a new language.   After the kids are in bed 9:30/10:00 at night the last thing I can do is focus on reading material that requires me learning- I’m ready to zonk out myself.  Plus, I learn hands-on… that’s my zone-out sleeping time.  I need TV or mindless reading.

Anyway, although they need a strong administrative person, such as myself, to support the group, but they want the employees to be auditors.  BUT, even if I took the test, that doesn’t mean they will hire me on as employee.  So, they want me to study on my own time, pay $500.00 to take this test (may or may not pay for me), and then start traveling for them (I don’t have time for that) and performing audits (more stressful) and writing up reports at the same pay with the “promise” of hiring me on some day?  I don’t think so…

WITH THAT SAID… my husband decided it was time I took advantage of my “consultant” status and make my own hours.  So I haven’t been working 8 hour days, to my boss’ dismay.  I told him how my husband is in sales and needs to travel more and when traveling, I have kids to care for.  My boss wants it all with no giving on his end.  No reduced hours.  Why not- get same stuff done- very reliable- what does it matter if 6 hour day, opposed to 8?

I told  him I’m traveling in the summer, with family, so my husband can make sales calls this long driving trip from Southern CA, to Oregon, to Idaho, to UT/AZ/NV.  I could easily work online part-time from the hotels.  That was a NO.  (everything is done online, so that’s unreasonable)

So then I said, it’s a leave of absence… that was originally a NO.  So I told him then my last day would be the kids’ last day of school.  This was last month.  We had lunch last week.  Now that he knows I’m ready to leave the company…he made a somewhat “exception.”

… with the promise I’ll keep in touch with him regularly on my trip and upon my return… I’ll return FULL TIME hours.  I just said “yeah.”  My husband was like

“Nothing has changed.  It’s the same boat you were in before… he doesn’t want to yield on anything.  What does Full time mean, that you’ll be hired on  instead of temp status?  And only if they haven’t added another temp in your place by the time we return…and on our trip he wants you “on call” without pay to answer any questions of all the awesome stuff you’ve been doing to “train” over the phone the new guy you have or the new person replacing you?”

Yeah, precisely.   Hahahah.  All this going back-n-forth as I’ve had no benefits for over 2 years now:  no vacation time, no sick time, no 401 k, do not qualify for bonuses and other special perks of employees, work harder for less money than full-time employees, in charge of crucial data/reporting…  Luckily, medical is covered by my husband’s company.

What I didn’t tell my boss is, we are exploring the idea of moving out-of-state.  I might return to only work for another couple of months and that’s it.  I was hoping to work online- and then it doesn’t matter where you are located.  We have another Auditor that is in Asia and everything he does is online.  I’m so good at my job, and perfect fit, it’s silly they wouldn’t want to keep me in some role- whether it be a few hours/week to support various divisions within the QA group.  But, I’m done. (for now)

this week- and next… then vacation! (possibly permanent vacation- with no pay) – but  I’m ready.


22 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go now…

    1. That’s what my husband said- that with the fact they like me, put me in charge of crucial things, have me be the go-to person… yet they don’t want to offer me any benefits is a slap in the face… but the job is flexible somewhat when it comes to me having to work earlier so I can pick kids up at 2:30 from school… and across the street from home… so…

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  1. My recommendation would be to stay with it as long as it works for you, telling as little about your long term goals or intentions as you can. Coming back full time? Suuuuure. You don’t have to mention the part where it’s only for three weeks, and then you’re outtie.

    I would also recommend checking out Liz Ryan (Human Workplace) on LinkedIn. She’d have a whole lotta encouragement for you. Seriously, reading a half-dozen articles will have you done-zo with this guy who loves the current setup where you both get to 100 by you giving 98 and him giving 2. Blech!

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  2. I say – take of the advantage of the situation, as it seems they have done with you, and bail when you are ready. Doesn’t sound like they are going to follow through on anything, hell, who wouldn’t want to keep a good employee and NOT pay them benefits? Sounds like a good deal for them and a crappy deal for you!

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    1. It’s exactly what it is – they want me to study, take an exam, become an auditor on my own time and then force me to travel (which I’ve never wanted or can do since my husband travels) all with the promise “you can’t be hired on perm unless you are an auditor…” leading one to think that when completed, it’s an automatic hire… but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will be full time… and at what pay? The same pay? My husband’s like- yeah, smart move on their end.

      I’m borderline type A personality and a pleaser… I find out the requirements and try to go above and beyond…so I have no doubt I would succeed and be amazing at auditing if that’s what I want, but not under these conditions. My boss hired me originally as an admin… and then realized how great I’d be as an auditor and has not let it rest… basically holding it over my head… you can’t be hired unless you take the test.

      Not saying I don’t ever want to, just not right now or under these conditions. My personal time is dedicated to the kids and I don’t want to travel to the East Coast or out of the country for audits while they are young and their dad already travels. It’ll be too hard on the family.

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    2. Sounds like you have the answer!!!!! Yay!!!! Maybe you could do all that stuff when the kids are a bit bigger and with the right conditions, ie. benefits.


    3. Yes! That was what I had proposed… but my boss is so excited to have me as an auditor because he knows I’d be great at it… but he wants it now…not when my kids are older and I am ready… 😦

      I keep asking why that can’t be my “long-term” goal. (companies always inquire about goals – immediate and long term) then I’m told, well, then you’ll remain a temp and can’t be considered for perm.

      Really? But I gotta be careful about everything- will need my boss as a reference later as I have to show what I’ve been doing the last few years on my resume, etc.

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  3. The great thing about being mentally prepared to go is you can make ultimatums. And you should only make them if you are prepared to follow through. Instead of just leaving, you could tell the boss your conditions for staying. If he agrees, you’ve got a much better job; if he doesn’t, you were on your way out the door anyway.


    1. That’s EXACTLY what I did. I basically said if you’re not going to hire me and I don’t receive benefits, then I’m going to take full advantage of my “consultant” status.

      One of those benefits is controlling my own hours. Meaning, whenever my husband travels, I don’t work. I only work while the kids are in school and then I’m gone. School holidays and breaks, I’m gone. Summer vacation, I’m gone. Spring break, etc. (the boss was like- whoa- no.) Why not- they aren’t paying me in my absence?

      I said we aren’t paying for child care and that I’m willing to work 20 hours a week while traveling as we’ll be in hotels and I can complete key reports, etc. that was a NO.

      So then I said, well, then it’s a leave of absence and I’ll return. If that isn’t acceptable…my last day is when the kids’ are out of school. (My husband said we were traveling and that was that- as we need this for his sales and he doesn’t want to be away from the family that long)

      It took months and up until last week… for my boss to get back to me. Although he didn’t agree to partial work while traveling, he is “allowing” me to travel on LOA…but for me to keep in touch while I’m gone and when I return to be ready to work FULL TIME… but is that full time hours as a temp?

      No, if I’m still a temp, then I control my hours. I’m somewhat pretty friendly with our temp rep, and I saw a posting on linked in that looked like my job description and when I inquired she said it was to replace the safety guy’s admin. Whatever…

      We have one new guy that I’ve been training for the replacement of another gal that just left… and it wouldn’t surprise me if my boss wants me “on call” to answer questions/train my replacement. 🙂 Whatever… no longer care. Temp agencies LOVE me. I can basically fit in anywhere.

      Oh, and I did tell him he’d have to pay me a lot more to be a perm employee to cover living costs and it has to be more $$ than my husband as he’s the care provider in my absence and that’s why his sales have been down since I’ve been working. (especially since I’ve been developing processes, communicating between departments, training everyone ) It’s a BIG medical company… they waste $$ right and left. Constantly scrapping material thousands of dollars worth here and there because they don’t order right, etc. They can afford to pay me more and benefits.


    1. Thank you, Allen… yes, I worked SO hard to impress and I like working and am organized and want to communicate with other departments – the whole “works-well-with-others” and I’m all about quality work and things are done correctly with minimal errors (that’s rare! Most people don’t care anymore)- perfect for a Quality Assurance group member. I’ve developed processes and am the go to person and training others. Yet, all that hard work and dedication… nothing. The other day, my QA group had a luncheon to honor those that hit their 5 year / 10 year mark with the company – I didn’t go, because I can see myself (in the future) being here 5 years and being asked to attend a lunch to honor others that have worked there same amount of time as I. BTW: Some of those honorees, I have trained them during my 2.5 years with the company as a temp. Isn’t that ridiculous?

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    2. I agree that nobody seems to care anymore, especially when it comes to quality. The entire business world seems to be in a slow, steady decline. And then the few people who are committed to maintaining quality and doing a good job — like you — are left endlessly frustrated and without the benefits that other people are entitled to.

      It used to be that hard work earned you recognition and opportunity. I remember when that used to be the case. Now, all it earns you is more work. I used to work with a woman who always said, “The harder I work, the further behind I get.” This was a few years ago, and at the time, I thought that was just the case for her. But now, I hear everybody saying it. Everyone feels like they’re spinning on a hamster wheel with no hope of propelling forward. I don’t know if it started with the recession, or if it has been an ongoing thing for some time and was merely exacerbated by the recession. In any event, it seems to have gotten worse in the past few years.

      With your work ethic, I have to believe that a door will open for you. It’s just a shame that this has happened to you.


    3. Well said ALLEN! That’s precisely what has happened to me. I get all the “difficult” accounts assigned to me because my boss can’t rely on anyone else to produce a good, accurate report. I keep telling him he needs to spread out the difficult accounts because I don’t have time to complete all of them and I’m facing “burn out…” He finally assigned (1) account to another… pretty soon, he’s going to have to spread them out because I will be gone for the summer. 🙂 (hahahah) – he’s trying to get me to complete 6 reports by next Friday before I leave and I laughed and laughed. It’s not possible. Even on a good day for me, maybe 2 in the week since it’s reporting quarterly (3 months worth of business- high volume accounts)

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  4. Sandi, you are a perfect fit, but they are not. They are taking advantage of you, and your happiness and satisfaction in your work. They want you and on their own terms, and that’s their right. But, you get just the basics in return… oh, and a nose ring to be lead along with. ;o)

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