Go play on the Freeway

Marbles on Freeway

This was a joke within my family and our friends.  Whenever they were tired of the kids, the parents would say

Go grab some marbles and play on the freeway.”

Appears someone took that literally.  Thank goodness, my 11-year old boy is at school, or I might have gone looking.  And not to mention we are quite a running distance from the freeway.

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Normally, my first thought would be “where are the parents or care provider of this child?”  And then I read the article that stated it was 1:45 AM.  Well… yeah, they would probably be sleeping.  How do you explain that one?  And I guess you’ll have to have some door that locks with a key from the INSIDE if your special needs child knows how to unlock the door.

Actually, upon further review, there are a few things that concern me when reading this article:

1)  Is the boy truly autistic (the OC Sheriffs believe he might be) – and did he really leave on his own, or did his parents “drop him off” because they couldn’t deal with him anymore?  This section near the freeway is not near any homes, but the Mission Viejo Mall and Kaleidoscope shopping center.

2)  Is this boy acting autistic and purposely not giving the same name and age, because he was trying to escape some awful living situation and was running away to safety in the middle of the night?

3)  Typically, these articles are updated as the data comes in… but as of 3pm this afternoon, nothing has been updated.  Sooooo, the last thing OC Sheriffs were waiting for some parents to wake, discover their son missing, and then start calling the police… has the article not just been updated, or has no one made any calls about a missing boy?

Dang- it, now I’m all worried about this, I had to comment and ask the author of the article to provide update.  Something seems fishy about this.


16 thoughts on “Go play on the Freeway

    1. The police department was finally able to find the parent. mom and son were reunited. However, they had a picture of the kid in the hospital- so I guess he might have been dehydrated? Or taking him for a check up?


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