…But White Donuts are OK

Donut- Yum

This post is dedicated to my gal, Alex, at Only Bad Chi.  In light of a post she wrote about a month ago, this scenario reminded me of her love for donuts.

Today, my daughter came home from school and this is the conversation we had:

My 9-year-old:  “I had donuts today for someone’s birthday.”

Me:  “Really?  Donuts?  At school?”  (disapproving voice)

Her:  “No mom, they were SUGAR donuts.” like this made it okay.

Me:  “As opposed to donuts without sugar?”

Her:  “NO!  They were  only the white powdered kind.”

Me:  “Ohhhh…. well, in that case, that’s okay then.”

So the schools won’t allow us to bring anything sugary, yet they let someone hand out treats at the end of the school day so they are amped up at home for the parents?

Meanwhile, her brother is belly-aching over the fact she got a donut and he didn’t.  Ugh!  Thanks school.  Awesome.


17 thoughts on “…But White Donuts are OK

  1. Sebastian brings donuts every birthday morning to school! It is our tradition for him! The kids are wound up for the teacher and mellow by the time they get home to their parents.

    And… DONUTS!!!

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    1. Dude- the school sends out all these notices of what is allowed and not allowed… but it’s such a pain- we just opt out of food. But, yet, they will bombard us with message of “Italian Ice” they sell for fundraising every Tuesday immediately after school. $5.00 for basically a cross between an Icee and Ice cream – I’m like NO! You make a big deal about health- what hypocrites.

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  2. Get the kids hopped up on the sugar at the end of the day, then send them home to their parents before the crash. It’s a cruel trick, one I’m sure I’ll appreciate less when I become a parent myself.

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  3. What you should actually be bitching at the school about is why it was the white powdered ones and not the chocolate ones! Dumb ass school administrators and their stupid “food” rules.

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  4. Hahaha I love her reasoning. If anything, those sugar donuts are the most dangerous kind because of the powdered sugar. If you inhale that (the proper way to eat a donut) you could choke on the powdered sugar! Not safe. Delicious, but not safe.

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    1. Well… I wouldn’t say they’re better, necessarily… I mean, who would pass up on chocolate? But I suppose they could be considered better!

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