Slaying Demons in a poetic way?

Spoiler Alert on a 2014 movie, called Jinn click for the cool website: So today, I was watching a  thriller movie with my 11-year-old.  He likes to watch horror flicks.  On Netflix, there is this film called JINN.  It’s basically a good vs. Evil.

These Demons are referred to as Jinn (Most are evil, but some are good and protectors of mankind.) and these dark Demons are after some dude. Since I was moving about in the kitchen, I never fully understood why the evil Jinn were out to get this one guy and they’ve killed all his ancestors, and are “hell-bent” on offing him and his offspring.  So this one  “good” Jinn, aptly named “Gabriel,” has been watching over this guy since childhood, having him placed with a foster family, after the death of his father to hide from the demons.  Eventually, the demons find out and the JIG is up… hence, the plot of the movie.

It was good action, but one scene struck me as very poetic.  I couldn’t really find a snip of the full scene, and watching it out of context would seem more cheesy.  But watching it within the movie, it stopped me in my tracks and I backed up the scene to watch it again…Gabriel, pulls his center of his light energy into his hands that appears to be electricity (and in slow motion)  battles the mentally ill patients that have been possessed with the Demons and attacking them.  Instead of killing the innocent, Gabriel takes his energy and slams his hand into their chests and upon impact is brilliant light that forces the darkness out of them.  As the black smoke exits their body, he slays the smoke with his special blade.  And there’s other special effects/artistic touches as he goes through each person, slamming light into darkness.

It was awesome!  (Or maybe I didn’t yet have my coffee this morning, and my body couldn’t handle a movie like that at 9am) I don’t know, you might want to check it out- if you have Netflix.


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