An old dog’s new trick: asking for help

Those of you that have been frequenting my blog posts this past month that Flops has existed… you have seen posts on how I hate those that are just constantly marketing themselves/their product- wanting me to support them by purchasing/passing the word (for free) and I’m not their friend, nor do I even know them.

Don’t get me wrong…It’s not that I don’t like supporting, but my blog purpose is to make friends. If I’ve developed a rapport with you, and then find out you are trying to sell particular service/product- and not constantly shoving it down my throat…the time you ask for help- YOU BET… because I know a little bit about you and you invested time in getting to know me (frequenting each other’s blogs and commenting) It’s sincere.

This is one of those times. If you haven’t visited Snoozing on the Sofa, do so. I enjoy Scott’s posts and today- he put word out and a request for help. He lit the beacon. HELP… did you say HELP my blogging friend… where’s my CAPE….Sandi is coming, once I figure out how to fly and use my super powers… it might be a bit…but I’ll walk if I have ta

Scott is publishing a book. He’s our blogging buddy. He had someone do some REALLY COOL art for the cover. (Seriously, Scott, I like it.) So, if you feel inclined… maybe not today, but after you get to know Scott, perhaps you might want to help spread the word, as well.

Scott, let us know when it’s available to purchase and where. You said it’s for young adults on up… and if I’m still working (been temping 2.5 years), and receiving a pay check, I’ll buy copy. 🙂

Snoozing on the Sofa

I’m not good at asking for help. I’m much more comfortable helping than being helped. I don’t know why; it’s probably some kind of pride thing. Or stubbornness. Who knows?

This self-publishing biz has taught me there are some things you can’t do alone. Writing is a fine thing to do alone, but writing sometimes leads to publishing, and publishing beats the hell out of introverts.

You don’t have to ask for help if you can afford to pay for it, but I can’t do that either. Take that, foolish pride!

I’ve had to learn to ask. I’m still learning. It’s a long lesson.

So this is me, practicing asking for help.

If you’ve been following this or my other blog, you may know I’ve been preparing a new book for publication. It’s taken a long time, but I’m finally on the cusp of having the project pulled together…

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6 thoughts on “An old dog’s new trick: asking for help

  1. You’re awesome, Sandi! Thanks so much for answering the call. At the risk of seeming to be in perpetual self-promotion mode, one of my previous books is titled, Temp: Life in the Stagnant Lane. It’s about a (you guessed it) temporary worker. Small world, eh?

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    1. That’s me. I’m loved by the staffing agency, because my personality and work ethic is compatible with all companies. This place loves me and wants to hire me “some day” – it’s been 2.5 years now when it was supposed to only last 3 weeks…but no benefits (no vacation time, etc.) and it’s a HUGE international medical company. The president has been on Good morning America, etc. They are not hurting for $$. Yet, I remain “consultant” status.


    2. I once got the last laugh as a temp. The company moved the office across the country. All the executives had to decide whether to uproot their lives or start a new career. I was like, “I’m just a temp. I can make $7.50/hr in the building next door.”

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  2. Hey lady…I hope I don’t bug asking to link up to my linkys. I like linkys and think they are fun ways to get to know other bloggers. I love your writing and I know others would too…that’s the only reason I have asked you.


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