I’m not a poetry person (my little rhymes are fun and games) and usually those that are true poets, well, I find the posts boring because I will be the first to admit, “I don’t get it most of the time.” However, this gal, the few posts I’ve seen along with some really cool clip art, speaks to me. I don’t know necessarily what it’s saying, but all I know is I LIKE it. Swing by and check out The Inkblots site.


I don’t want you to

Press caps-lock and give me height

And covert my lower-case straight face

To an upper case smirk.

I want to complete myself

And give in my murmurs for yawps.

So that together,

The two of us can slowly turn the dark rooms

Light and

Stride together,

Lower case

To upper case,

To italic.

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