Beware of the sock Troll

Don’t you hate it when, you come across an inside out/balled up sock?
 A couple of us were just discussing this.  Mindy indicated she didn’t like reaching inside the sock to return it to proper wearing.  To which I replied, whenever the kids leave their socks balled up, I barely grab the end and SHAKE it, hoping it will flip it out properly… because I know if I reach inside, the Sock Troll will bite my fingers.  For those of you that don’t know, they exist in the balled up area of the sock.  (no lie!) Therefore, if the kids leave their socks like this, they get washed that way, and dried, and returned them as such.  My 11-year-old son gets upset with me, but I’m like DUDE, there’s a troll in there.  (I’m convinced)  And I like all my 10 fingers, thanks.  Guess if you don’t like it, better ensure they are flattened properly so the Troll doesn’t come there to live.  Just sayin’


17 thoughts on “Beware of the sock Troll

  1. Balled up socks are the worst! And you’re right, who knows what’s in there. My friend found a shard of glass in his sock yesterday. He has no clue how it got there.

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