Sidetracked by WordPress, scissors, motorized scooters

Scissor WalkDon’t you hate it when you are sidetracked?

1) Being side-tracked by WordPress:  Well, today, there is much to be done.  So, I was proud of myself in beginning some tasks strong this morning  and just when I was thinking “Yeah, I’m rockin this.” … time for a break… I decided to have coffee, and check in on WordPress.  Now I’m completely side-tracked and have left tasks half-accomplished.  Check book is balanced, but bills still need paying.  Load of laundry was started, but washer has wet clothes waiting for an hour now to be put in dryer.   In process of picking up the kitchen, tossing old cereal boxes…and then…side tracked…

…it all STARTED with scissors…damn scissors… that was my down fall…

Maybe I could just wear this and detach when needed. Or maybe wear on a lanyard around my neck with blades stored in safety plastic.

2)  Where are the dang scissors? – Does it ever tweak you to never be able to find something when you’re looking?  Like everyone, we have a utility drawer stocked with supplies.  You name it, pens, pencils (#2 and color), various colored markers (thin/thick sharpies), Expo dry erase in colors and neon, paper clips, scissors, rulers, etc.  It’s a frickin art supply store in this drawer- neatly stored utilizing organizers.  We keep (2) regular sized scissors and like 5 kids’ scissors. Every time I look for my scissors to cut out stupid BOX TOPS from empty cereal boxes, the scissors are gone. Kid’s scissors don’t cut through boxes very well.  WHERE THE HELL ARE THE OTHER SCISSORS!  We have two, and they are both missing.  I finally find them and return both back to their home.  Do you think they are there the next time I go to cut off tags from new clothing…NO!  WTF.  Every time I need them, both are gone!  I think I have to attach a zip tie from the drawer to one the scissor handles so one pair can’t be removed.  My kids are rolling their eyes at their dad “Mom’s yelling about the scissors again.”  And of course, no one has seen them or used them.  They just mysteriously move throughout the house, using their automatic scissor walk.

3) Motorized scooters– eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Swear to GAWD, this family on a neighboring street, purchased one of those motorized scooters for their kids last Christmas.  I think these things are stupid.  One, dangerous, and two they contribute to obesity.  A regular scooter, powered by their foot is fine or perhaps a bike?  Or walking or everyone seems to be runners in this area… But no, you have to annoy the crap out of your neighbors with this noisy monstrosity.  Thanks for that.  Of course, we live on the street that leads out of our community.  It’s a long strip of a road, that this kid practiced driving up and down continuously at the end of last year and spent January driving multiple times throughout the day.  One time, he didn’t return until 10pm at night, and I was worried about him… because I hadn’t heard the eeeeeeeeee returning home.  It was a noisy Jan and Feb.  We haven’t heard him lately, until moments ago while I was blogging this.  Oh, great, that crappy thing has returned.  Hasn’t that kid got a driver’s license yet- move on to quieter vehicles like an old rambling truck, or ’68 VW bug- those are not nearly as noisy as a scooter.


23 thoughts on “Sidetracked by WordPress, scissors, motorized scooters

  1. I have a pair of scissors that I have hidden. I will go to my deathbed and I will not give away the location of the secret scissors. Also have back-up Tums (hidden) because some jerk in my house will use the last of them, leave the empty bottle in the cabinet, I will think we have some and then….when it is imperative I have a Tums at 0200, there will be none, and I will suffer, but everyone else in the house will be slumbering sans indigestion. I have secret hidden places for all my important back-ups, that nobody knows about – well, with the exception of you.
    PS. So glad I don’t have to worry about Box Tops anymore. Now it is wondering about if everyone has gas in their cars.

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    1. I laughed so HARD reading this! Hahahah! Secret scissor hiders UNITE! Scissor cheers! Yes, Tums-tumm-tummms. (oh, gas in the cars… yeah, that will be a future worry…but that’s the future) I got stupid motorized scooters on the brain.

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    2. Motorized scooters are annoying. I can safely assume the child upon the motorized scooter is without a helmet? Just think in a couple of years he will be behind the wheel of a souped up 2 ton car and his driving skills will not have increased directly with the increase in the age of his years. Motorized scooters are gateway vehicles.


    1. I’m always telling the kids- turn your socks back… now I just wash them, dry them, and give return them exactly how they entered the wash. Even if in a ball. They get mad, I’m like, guess you better take time to turn them back inside before throwing them in the hamper.

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    2. Yes, and you just never know what’s waiting on the inside… I have walked around SHAKING/snapping/flipping out the socks trying to get them to go “right,” while avoiding sticking my hand inside… There’s a goblin in there waiting to bite my fingers- I just know it.

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    1. It’s funny because every weekend there is so much noise and during the week, if I’m home from work. Everyone has their lawn guy come out different days of the week. So there is always mowers, weed whackers, chain saws chopping down tree branches, etc. Sunday, we’d like to have quiet… then there’s the kid on his scooter. Ugh. Someone chuck a tennis ball at him from our balcony and then duck and hide.

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  2. Motorized scooters?! I’m 20 and my dad doesn’t let me handle the sewing needle. Not out of concern for me, but he’s worried that I’ll drop the box full of it and hurt others. Geez! I’m a bit jealous of that kid!
    As for the scissors, I’m not going to comment on it(because I believe that they hold secret meetings to discuss how to destroy our petty human race-that’s why they go missing and I don’t want to get in trouble. Sentences typed between brackets cannot be quoted! Right?!)


  3. Whoever invented the motorized scooter needs publicly hanged! Just another reason to let kids get fat! Scissors like to hang out with my “sock dating pool” at my house because I can never find a pair when I need them.

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    1. Why is that? I know they must walk on their own, because everyone in my household swears they didn’t use them and have no idea where they went! I’m convinced the socks and scissors are partying it up… as long as they are being safe.


  4. I know the socks are partying it up I’m a single dad who has my daughter roughly 30% of the time so it’s not like I’ve got a “ton” of laundry. I think the scissors and socks run a weekly rave party under my bed or dresser with the scissors spinning Barry White and Al Green music while the missing socks just multiply!

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