Burglars posing as Burglars?

Article- Burglars posing as burglars

Burglars posing as Burglars?

You don’t say?  Tip to the homeowners:  If someone arrives to your house with a toilet scrubber, but dressed similar to Hamburglar, don’t let  them in or expect to have some things missing.  Just sayin’


13 thoughts on “Burglars posing as Burglars?

  1. Darn! I just got a job in that profession. I had to buy my uniform, and of course it looks just like that. Being on a limited income, having the cost of that uniform coming out of my first paycheck is going to really suck let me tell you. They just sent me pictures of the new one… its an orange jumpsuit.

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  2. I am so frustrated right now. Blame my dumb brain I suppose. I am searching my emails… I cannot find our email exchange and I wanted to call you right now when I had a minute without the men/boys around. Fuck. Email me your number again?


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