Depp deep in doggie doo?

Watch out for this ferocious beasty

This falls in my WHAAAT category.  So, what’s the deal with Johnny Depp?

I don’t know too much about the recent issues, but as I was logging into WordPress this morning, the first MSN news article I see is pertaining to Depp bringing his dogs to Australia.

I am coming for YOU… as soon as I get around all my hair

At first I was like, does he have pit bulls?  OMG- was someone mauled to death?  Upon reading the article, I chuckled, when I saw it was (2) Yorkshire Terriers.  I had to Google the breed.  Yup, I don’t know how Depp keeps his dogs – if they are show dog style of more like the image above, quite threatening either way…and then he did take them in for grooming “pet spa” day – while he was on set as Jack Sparrow- and the groomers took photos and posted to social media sites.  Which, apparently, this is what got Mr. Depp BUSTED for bringing his beasties into Australia without going through proper channels.  “Quarantine procedures” – shoot, those dogs are probably healthier than any middle class human.

Well, first of all “my bad,” I’m sure he didn’t realize there were rules, or didn’t bother thinking about rules and his wife (or assistant) didn’t know to fill out proper paper work.  My God, Australia must really hate dogs, because they threatened to “put them down,” if they didn’t remove them from the country by a particular date.  (maybe officials had requested him several times to, to which he didn’t answer promptly- I don’t know- and then they threatened with the ultimate threat… regardless, at some point the Depp’s complied and sent their dogs home.)

The fact that this came to the Senate’s attention?  Grilling Agricultural department for 40 minutes… and deeming it a very serious matter.  Something he can face 10 years in prison  or a huge fine up to $250k.  Seriously, I have to ask- how is this a “serious” matter?  There was no maiming or death.

What am I missing?  Who is following this story (and knows more details) or knows the law and why it’s a severe matter- please enlighten me.  Because I’m reading, just this one article and it’s so ridiculous.  To me, they just want the actor to pay money.  Can they even prove Depp was aware of the laws and purposely broke them?  We know there will never be true “jail” time, but I’m sure he’s going to be forced to fork out some cash.  Did he break rules, yes.  Did he comply with request to fix the situation, yes.  Was their any injury to his breaking of the rules, no?  Then, slap on wrist?

I could totally see myself messing up on this law.   When we traveled to Canada, we never thought to check in advance about our dog…as we took the ferry from WA into Victoria, we told the border patrol somewhere in the piled crap in the back were two kids and a dog.  They were more concerned when we left the country to return to USA, if we were bringing back dog food from Canada into the US.  They didn’t care about the dog.



13 thoughts on “Depp deep in doggie doo?

  1. Well this Barnaby Joyce guy (with a name like that, no wonder this guy has a you know whats-it up his wazoo), the Agricultural Minister of Australia, apparently is not much of a Johnny Depp/dog/Jack Sparrow/or rule breaker fan. That being said, I know rules are rules, and from what I’ve read, Johnny did sneak, knowingly, the dogs into the country, but if you ask me—and you did—Mr. Joyce must be bucking for a promotion—perhaps royal dog catcher. I’m guessing it pays more, and probably gets you headlines as a get tough kind of guy. In Johnny’s defense, I have read he truly does love the animals, and understands how sad they get when their owners are away for long periods at a time. That being said, perhaps he felt his celebrity would allow him a little leeway. Of course, he never expected to run afoul of the now ALMOST famous Barnaby Joyce (he of the wild dingo persuasion), who fancies himself a constable, as opposed to a royal pain in the butt! If he’s not careful, he might get taken out back in lieu of the Outback, for costing his country future filming rights money for his get tough policy on pooches, because he didn’t show a little public relations compassion.


    1. Well, I think he knowingly broke the laws because don’t they have to go through customs? How did they get the dogs though in the first place? In that case, he should be fined. My guess that was why the matter was serious. (that pets got into the country – through the system, without them knowing or someone knew and allowed it to happen?) – then the serious offense would be with customs/Agriculture/airline/boat- however they got there and were allowed to bypass. I’m thinking someone had to look “the-other-way.”

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