Dries while pooping

When we went shopping for my daughter’s poster and supplies for her city report, she was excited to spend some of her allowance on something fun.  She’s been saving awhile and was quite excited to get her reward.

Of course the Beados (item above), the first thing I thought was, NO, those little round ball things (800 of them)  are going to be all over the place.  Your room is already such a mess.  Instead I said,

“Hey, honey, are you sure that’s what you want?  I’d hate for you to spend all that money, and then you don’t use it.  You know, there are electronics we can now look at and maybe a CD of someone you like?  Jennifer Lopez?  Or maybe something for the room, like cool bedding/sheets/Pillows?  Lamps?”

Nope.  She wasn’t going for that…

“This is what Sara brought over one day and it’s easy I know how to do.  You can make things. Look, it’s on sale for $15.00.”

With that, she bought a secondary template set for another $9.00.

I have to hand it to her, she went right to work after dad put together the “fan” thingy.  Yeah, that doesn’t look like potential for huge mess.  I know we’re going to forever be finding beads from this point.

Anyway, the point of this is to use the baster/tweezer thingy to pick up bead, insert into a template of your choosing, wet the beads, and then dry them.  After dried, they stick together for your finished product.  They have various templates, ice cream, little doggies, birds, people, etc.  The trick for our daughter was determining WHEN the finished product was dry enough to remove from the template plate.

She just came racing out to the living room and exclaiming,

“Mom, mom!  Look!  I figured it out, the dry time takes the same amount time as it does to take a poop.  I just did this, then pooped and it’s dry!

As she’s waving the finished  product in my face, that looked like pooh.  I think it was supposed to be an ice cream, but it just had brown and white mixed together.  No bowl, no straw, no flower cherry thing on top, like the above image shows.

The company needs a new tag line.  Does anyone have suggestions?

P.S.  It’s a good bday gift for someone.  My daughter is 9 and likes it.


12 thoughts on “Dries while pooping

    1. Isn’t that great? My kids are so smart! We all went “oh, yeah? Okay” nodding our heads. You know that’s how it’s going to be in house from this point on… I think I can do that in 2 poops. Kinda like Name that Tune (game show) from back in the day.

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  1. Obviously she was familiar with the measuring and drying process, which is considered the standard by all Beados professionals… “Greenwich Poop Time” and I hear it is very precise, and very poopular, ah, in certain circles. ;o)

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    1. As opposed to your post about red noses? I suppose that’s the person that brown-nosed too long and as a result gets a large red bulbous nose? Okay, that’s me. I got clown shoes too, somewhere. So, I seriously need your input to my burning question. What’s up with Australia and dogs?


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