Getting my Groove back

So, sigh, usually no one seems to be on the blog-o-sphere on the weekends.  Because they are doing the things they are supposed to be doing, like living, and chores, and SCHOOL PROJECTs.

When I think of  me lately, I think of the movie “How Stella Got her Groove back.” or “Emperor’s New Groove.”  (no Touchy)  I just seem to be blah.  Eh.  No energy (I’m usually the go-go-go person and tire everyone else), lack-luster, no shiny-no-shiny-right-down-behiney.  Oh, I like that song.  Let’s listen to that.  Nah-Nah-Nah…

Anyway, I’ve lost my GROOVE guys.  I need it baccccckk (imagine the whine of  the Llama in Emperors New Groove.)  Crap, there’s so much and I just want to CHECK OUT…hence all my time on the blogging boards.  My husband understands I’m looking to get my Groove and creativity back…so he hasn’t said anything.  He’s waiting patiently for the return of his wife.

I’m thinking, what happened?  What were my GROOVE killers? (hey, that sounds like a name of a band).  What threw off my Groove…when I think of what’s going on, no wonder:

  • Dealing with Son’s possible learning disability- still testing.  (click here to read my posts on that)


  • Dealing with a “dead-end” job- I’ve been temping at same company 2.5 years.  Read my post on that.  I’m awesome, but they won’t hire me on, and they are changing things so much, kills all daily creativity.  I feel no useful purpose there anymore, but I need to earn $$ = no  full speed motivation.


  • School Projects- what is the deal, every grading period we have to have (3) big projects for each grade.  Both my kids have a State report (5th grade) and City report due. (3rd grade)  The state report requires an additional FLOAT.  That’s right, a float so all the 5th graders can do a parade.  With my son’s learning disability- that means WE have to make a float (with his help) so that my son can fit in. And he originally, had OR, but some girl talked him out of it (batting her eyelashes, I’m sure)  So, now he has WA.  Oregon would have been perfect, because we are driving there this summer.  A huge poster board for my daughter’s report is needed.  A 3rd grader can’t do that on their own- huge poster, so WE have to coordinate and do half of it (okay 3 QTRs of it).  They want their classrooms to look awesome for open house.  The kids want something that looks good as everyone else’s.


  • Then, it’s my husband’s bday tomorrow- I usually have something special or little cleverness up my sleeve.  I  have no energy to think about this.  We’re going to go out and get a bday card in a minute, I hope something jumps out at me.  WAIT, rephrase, I don’t want something jumping at me- that could be anything, big and scary.  I hope I come across something to give him. (of course, being the dude…he indicated some sex would be fine.) Shit, I’d rather buy him something- I’m too tired…and fat…not feeling inspired to get naked.


  • OHhhh, and I have to diet. (crap)- see my thoughts in this post.


  • My husband’s traveling Tues-Friday next week to Canada.  I’m left trying get kids ready for school, get to work, pick kids up, administer homework (deal with my son’s issues pertaining to homework), get ready for very last baseball game… get kids fed somewhere, and in bed.  I’m tired already and haven’t even started next week yet.  Don’t forget laundry and dishes.  Guess we’ll live with dirty bathrooms.  OH, and the dog.  Can’t forget the doggie.  He wigs out whenever dad is gone.

It looks like I might have to put off dieting one more week because I’ll be cramming my face full of comfort foods to deal.  Bready items, come here.  Gotta go, get birthday and poster/float supplies…normally, this is fun.  But not when you’re burned out… Damn it STELLA, I need to get my Groove back!  Stella!  STELLLA







3 thoughts on “Getting my Groove back

    1. Thank you, George… on a positive note- we got a piece of my daughter’s poster completed! I just found out, my son brought home a lot of homework of uncompleted work the past couple of weeks. (awesome) – guess his state/float report will be completed at the last minute.


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