Random thoughts- Irritated with Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farms, and Quaker

So I made this incredibly nutritious dinner for the kiddos this evening, and we buy Campbell’s because they have the Labels for Education.  I think Campbell’s adds this label as a way to market their product, but don’t really intend for the schools to cash in, because GOOD LUCK getting that label off without destroying it completely.  Seriously, the design is so the Education label is right where the thick adhesive has been applied to the can.  You have to carefully scratch off the label in other areas, peeling downward, ever so diligently to not tear the part we need for the school.  WTF.  It takes about 10 minutes to get the sucker off…and it Cracks me up, because it reflects a dotted line with little scissors…except there’s no cutting, because that’s right where it’s GLUED.  It’s so sticky, after removal, it will stick to my thumb and I can wave it around and it doesn’t move. It’s a success if coupon is not torn and deemed useless.

While I’m at it, Pepperidge Farm, you’re no better.  The Economy size of Goldfish crackers, really, at the bottom of the container.  It’s so THICK and next to impossible to use scissors.  First you have to  peel apart the bottom which is crazy hard, then you wipe your brow and do a jig, because you got somewhere through the cemented box.  Then you gotta saw through and really work those scissors to cut out the label.  I don’t think you want the schools cashing in either.  Yet, you love using it as a marketing tool.  I think my scissor blades have dulled with cutting a few of these out now. Then I have to pounce on the box to flatten it out so we can dispose of in trash properly.  Ugh.

Box Tops for education, those are typically pretty easy to remove from products and are usually found on cereals.  I purchase according to who participates in this program.  We also like oatmeal.  One thing that irks me is, what’s up with Quaker?  They market to families, yet, they don’t want to support the schools?  I have yet to find any labels on Quaker Oat Squares, Oatmeal packets, or any of the breakfast bars that pertain to Box Tops or Labels for education.  Don’t you think you should be working with one of these programs?  Your products certainly cost quite a bit, and for a period of my kids younger lives, they had oatmeal every school morning.  With only cereal on the weekends.  You need to be participating in Box Tops.

Okay, rant done.


11 thoughts on “Random thoughts- Irritated with Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farms, and Quaker

  1. Why do they make things so complicated when they know it’s for good causes. It’s like they want you to buy but they really don’t want to support the educational causes.

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  2. By some tin snips and just cut the damn can around the label! The use a red hot flame to bend and soften the edges so no one cuts their fingers on them.

    Oh and to sharpen your scissors, buy some 60 grit sandpaper, and cut it in strips. With every time you cut a strip, it sharpens your scissors!

    Then you can take your sharp scissors and hurt the people at the food companies who piss you off lol! 😂

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    1. How many parents just give up and how much are the school’s not getting? I wonder if those big companies are seriously do that on purpose, banking on parents will say “oh, screw that.” and just toss the can/box/package away…

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