Poopy Picasso

Toddler- drawing- poopy mess

Poem- Poop- Poopy PicassoSo, in a recent post by Paul, at The Captain’s Speech, and comment made by another Paul, at In My cluttered Attic, they bantered back-n-forth within the post mentioning something about poop and flushing of toilet, and the other Paul talking about Picasso.

Well, I couldn’t help myself, that reminded me of the nick-name we had for my son when he was about 2 years old.

At this point, my son had graduated into a toddler bed.  At nap time, he liked to do his pooping.  I would try to catch it and provide freshy diapy…but he would always do stuff while sleeping too.  One day, he woke and was curious about said poo, and figured out how to undo the Velcro of his diaper.

The first time this happened, we walked in and that room would get hot with the afternoon sun, and immediately, the whiff of BAKED POO hit us.  OH, good god almighty!  Then we realized, half of our son’s diaper was undone.  A poop ball had rolled under his bed, he was happily smiling at us covered in doo-doo.  It was all over the walls and bed post and mattress, and embedded in his fingernails.  Ugh!

So, my husband had to immediately run the bath and plop him in it – he was tasked with cleaning the kid because he had a softer stomach.  I was tasked with finding all poop and disinfecting the baked dookie room, which was far more difficult to handle.  (breathe through the mouth)  I think I cleaned for an hour.

We explained to him the yucky factor and no-no.  The next time it happened, we yelled- NO, ICKY, YUCKY, NO-NO.  And smacked his hand (after cleaning it).  By the 3rd time, all of the above and this time he had no diaper on and a swift smack on the booty.  After that, he realized Ohhh, you don’t want me to do that anymore.  Okay.  If I’m going to get the swat on the tushy, I don’t like that.  3x!  3X.  OMG.

Ew.  Gross, Gross, Gross- I can just imagine that at some point, it made it into his mouth.  Ugh-ack!  Can’t think of that!

Anyone else had/have a child fascinated with poop?


18 thoughts on “Poopy Picasso

  1. This cracks me up! I was JUST talking with Sebastian last night about the time he did something very similar, except that I came in to get him from his crib after his nap, and I kissed his poopy lips before realizing in horror that they were covered in his crusted fecal matter. That was a “kill me now” moment.

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    1. YUK! Bill would have dry heaved all over the place. Seriously, I was lucky he stuck around in the labor room. I think he only “peeked” once and stayed up with me at the head of the bed. The Poop thing – he was like – I’m outta here. Great, guess it’s me and Colorox wipes and woolight scrubber wand for the carpet.

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    2. Haha! Damon had to bail every time they drew my blood when I was in labor (38 hours and they drew it hourly) or else he would have fainted! Fortunately, he can handle poo and puke. Just not blood and broken bones.


    3. One time I was hung over from our trip to vegas- this was when we were dating. It was a Sunday and we had to get back for work on Monday. And we were in a hurry and I threw up in a Del Taco bag ad he was driving- he pulled so quickly off the side of the road, ran out into the desert and dry heaved. 🙂 hahahah. We still laugh about that. He was a bit hung over himself, but he maintained everything.

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