Random Thoughts while showering


My mind always at work, random thoughts while I got ready this morning:

#1) Rub-a-dub-dub- 3 men in a tub:   While playing around with rhyming on my last few posts, this popped into my head.  Really?  This tale never struck anyone as odd? It’s not only a “rhyme,” but a nursery Rhyme.  What person decided to tell a story to kids about 3 dudes in a tub and rubbing?  And it was OK.  I remember asking my mom about this when I was a child and she couldn’t give me an answer why three guys were floating in a tub.

#2) Don’t put on lotion before brushing teeth: This morning, I got out of the shower, put some lotion on my body, washed my face with facial soap and then brushed my teeth.  With the lotion, combined with wetness, it was quite slippery and as the tooth paste foamed, it got all over the place and was very difficult to hold onto the tooth brush- it kept spinning in my hands.  Became a big mess and I had to towel dry them 3x.  Okay, note to self brush first.

#3) Why do I lose so much hair in the shower?:  My husband is going to be grossed out and have to clear the drain again.  Ugh.  As I brush my hair, more continue to fall and I hate- omg- where is it?  I just hate it when a hair gets in your bra. A loose hair or two will drive me crazy until found.  When you’re busty, they can be difficult to find sometimes discovered hour(s) later.  Where did that sucker go, as I’m diving into my bra and moving things around, lifting boobies to search under and making frustrated noises.  My husband wakes and eyeballs me and slowly smiles “NO.” I say to him. (really, is there anything that doesn’t turn him on?)  Oh thank god, there it is, finally!  I hold it up to the light to look at it and curse it – you little shit.

Okay off to work!  See you all soon! Muah


35 thoughts on “Random Thoughts while showering

    1. Oh, Jimbo… you guys… we women secretly love it that the hubsters are still interested (after all these years) Haaaa. My hubby is the first to say “whatchya doin’ there? Need my assistance.” To which I swat him playfully away… get outta here. Hahahah.

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    2. just as long as he gooses your hiney on the way out. that’s important and a requirement for us to keep our “Man Card”


  1. The hair thing! YES! I often wonder how it is I haven’t gone totally bald yet. I used to clog that drain pretty frequently. Now I try to catch them and wipe them against the shower wall as I finish showering. Sometimes my shower looks like a place where wigs went to die.

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    1. Hahah- yes, I tried (and still try) to wipe and put in trash- but there are those that just end up there and over time- need clearing. (ew!) Also, notice how the hair doesn’t want to leave your fingers when its wet- and you spend half your time attempting to “put in” the waste basket- get in there! Off…off…and you try “flicking” and it flings off somewhere else that is not the trash! Damn it! Now when you get out of the shower have to hunt for the yucky mess. Ugh- confession (?) sometimes, I just let it go down the drain and hope it keeps going to the sewer.

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  2. I hate the hairs that like to stick on my sleeves and brush against my arm and I can’t SEE the suckers! Drives me nuts! And if you think three men in a tub is strange check out “old Mother Hubbard”. Nursery rhymes are whack.

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    1. Thank you- someone else that agrees those loose hairs will drive one crazy! Where is it? Where its it. You end up grabbing yourself in all the odd places, forgetting privacy sometimes. Oh, ‘scuze me for moment did I just grab myself and peek into my pants. Hahahah 🙂 Okay, maybe not that bad- but I’m afraid as I age (and care less and less) I just might end up doing that some day.

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    2. LMAO! I hate crumbs in the cleavage too….OMG that drives me insane…like literally I will dig in my cleavage…don’t care if the nipple plays peek a boo in public or whatever….the crumbs MUST LEAVE!


  3. With hair down to my arse, I buy Drain-o by the gallon. Especially with the new med I am on that has it falling out like I am on chemo. It is absurd! I know the struggle!

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  4. I have the horrible habit of putting on lotion and then having to use the bathroom and washing my hands. Or putting on Chapstick and then brushing my teeth. I understand completely about the hair too! It’s everywhere and needs to be contained!


    1. Oh, yup- things we just don’t think about until we struggle.

      Like- I keep telling myself “brush your hair first- deposit all dry loose hair into trash, then get in shower and wash it and maybe not as much will come out” – never, ever, do I remember to do that.

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    1. You can practice your next blog post- while washing your hair. Let’s see- maybe ask people to give you things to think about while you bathe?

      (but, you might get some odd suggestions- so as long as you’re open)


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