EBay seller- idiot or Scam?

e-bay- shoes- packing slip

So, something very unusual happened and my husband deemed this blog worthy and I finally agreed.

At the beginning of last week, the post office left a small, soft air-bubble package at our door.  It wasn’t addressed to us, but was being “returned to sender,” but we didn’t send the package.  Some idiot (Isabella G) didn’t know their own address, I guess, and put down our residence.  The name doesn’t match any of our neighbor’s, so we’re stumped.

Well, neither myself or my husband felt like dealing with it- so we both left the package  sitting outside our front door.  Toward the end of the week, my husband put it back in the mailbox…and the postman gave it right back to us.  I’m guessing maybe Isabella didn’t put enough postage on package to go to Australia.

Since the package was opened to reveal the packing slip, my hubby poured out the contents for us to peruse.  WTF?  Crappy shoes.  Dirty white shoes (well-used) and sandals that have basically about broken from the base of the shoe where the toes go.  There are threads keeping it together… Who would pay $20.00 for these- plus another $30.00 for shipping?  Don’t they have shoes in New South Wales?  Then, I noticed it was a dude that bought ’em.  WTH, is he some kind of perv?

Ebay- Shoes- sent to us

So I look up the E-bay item number, find the seller, and e-mail her.  By the e-mail verbiage written, I think the gal is young- so I tell her that the shoes are at our place because she was basically a dumb ass and put the wrong return address.  However, I was nice and refrained from any name calling.  She quickly replied with:

“Hello I’m so sorry.  ldk what’s going on either the post office or buyer must did something?”

First of all, what is ‘ldk?’ – What am I supposed to do with that?  Secondly, no, YOU put the wrong return address.  My guess is she didn’t pay enough for postage?

…so I responded, basically tell me where to put them (assuming she’s close I can return them to her) or I’m tossing them in the trash.  She replied to go ahead and dispose of them.

Poor Mr. Perv is not going to get what he paid for… I actually feel kind of badly.  They are my size shoes- but ew.  In the dumpster they shall go!

So is sender an Idiot or was this a SCAM attempt?




18 thoughts on “EBay seller- idiot or Scam?

    1. EWWW, right? I don’t know why… but why would any person want to buy icky shoes like this and have them shipped across continents paying more for shipping than the product. Something strange there. (The Sandals are actually kind of cute, but they are a step away from breaking)

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    2. I don’t even want to think about the future that was in stock for those shoes…


  1. Send that man your flip flops! You owe him, You may have ruined that poor man’s only source of entertainment(don’t want or need to know HOW) by throwing away those shoes.


    1. I’ve also done 5th and 6th. It’s amazing how much of a difference each grade is. It’s fun but it takes adjusting from day to day.


    2. They demand so much of the little ones anymore. We are so stressed out with all the homework and projects. We just (2) more projects sent home. 3rd grader is working on city. 5th grader working on state (4th grade was county) ugh.


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