Bitch Pleese

For all my blogger friends, but this one specially goes out to Mindy in light of her recent post that reminded me of this video!

Angie Tempura, Bitch Saturday Night Live skit.  Click below to watch at SNL (NBC website)

Bitch Pleese- Angie Tempura Blogger- SNL


3 thoughts on “Bitch Pleese

    1. That’s why I laughed so HARD when I read your post- I couldn’t find this video for the life of me (only bad versions) and I wanted this specific one – finally found it on SNL old videos. I still laugh. It’s so funny. More like Zack-what-the-f- is-wrong. Hahaha

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    2. Haha I laugh hysterically every time she says bitch please and the Connecticut part was hilarious too!


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