Ms. Cranky Pants- avoid me today

Poem- Cranky- PMS

…and how are you?

Seriously, isn’t this stuff supposed to get easier as we get older. Then we have menopause to look forward to with it’s own host of crap. We just get to swap one crazy thing for the other.


My husband has been in hiding today. Typically, I haven’t been that bad- but apparently, it’s getting worse in my older age.

Extra Cranky-pants


17 thoughts on “Ms. Cranky Pants- avoid me today

  1. Mine is horrible!!! I never used to be regular until I had kids… Now it’s every 28 days to the fucking day! Like ugh times 10! There’s only 2 weeks out of the month that I’m normal and even then it’s questionable! Love your poem…you’re so funny!

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    1. just seems when I hit that over 40 mark- ugh. So over this- I’m not a teenager or in my early 20’s anymore.

      (thank you) and Are we ever “normal?”

      Seems like these days I have just “weeks” and then “bad weeks.” hahahah. A “good week” will pop in there occasionally – I told my husband he had to take the kids and be gone today.


    2. I wish I could tell my husband to do that… He’s been working major overtime, which yes I am thankful for the money and blah blah blah but oh how much it puts ALL the parenting on me and I just turn into a certified momster! I never feel normal anymore…you are right when you say once over the 40 mark something just zaps in our bodies…**tales gulp of wine**


    3. Sorry about the overtime. Yes both good and bad. 😦 That’s how I feel when my dude travels. He’ll leave for 3 days at a time, during the week and so I work full time, cart kids to practices/games, and work with them on homework. I’m exhausted by time weekend hits.

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  2. Excellent poem! Hilarious! For some weird reason you aren’t showing up in my feed. SO ANNOYING!!!!!! WP needs to get it together. I thought it was strange that I wasn’t seeing anything from your blog… so I clicked on you page and of course I have missed several posts. AGGRAVATING.


    1. I even took the plunge and tried marijuana last night for it. Had an epic allergic reaction. That was *so fun*. Who the hell is allergic to pot? Me. I have always known that I am allergic to one kind, I just never knew which. There are two strains of the plant, cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica. I am allergic to indica. At least I know which one now. Sativa is the more common, which is what I used to smoke mostly when I was a partier for a brief time when I was 18. I never did figure it out back then because I never once in my life actually paid for drugs, they just came my way and I partook lol.


    2. Gosh, I hope your pain is reduced. 😦 I’m sorry that your life is spent trying to do pain management. My mom had issues with huge headaches. She spent a good portion of my yeas Kinder-3rd in her dark bedroom, and on top of that had a thyroid issues that she was always sleepy and could sleep away the day and wake and still be tired. She took constant medicine… doctors could never figure out the cause- they had her try reduce stress, stop smoking, and on Fiorinal (don’t know how to spell) I spent my early childhood having to tip-toe around to help my mom.


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