10 things I am fond of – clever marketing

It surprises me the things that make me smile when it comes to products.  Here are some things I just “heart” count down from 10 to #1 favorite – that I can’t completely understand why… clever marketing at it’s finest:

#10)  The Australian Jacko “Oi” guy- Energizer battery dude.  He’s annoying as heck, and yells at you, but his little “mini me’s” are so funny- in my high school years, we loved this dude.  Everyone went around saying “Oi.” (well, the guys did, thinking they were cool.)

#9) Avery Schreiber, The Dorito Guy – the dude that used to crunch a Dorito as loudly as possible and everything would fall apart.  Come on, who hasn’t done this?  As kids, we’d always chomp as hard as we could.  Flinging bits and pieces at one another some wet with saliva. (Gross, now that I think about it)

#8) The Slim Jim Beef Stick “Eat Me” Guy- don’t ask me. These commercials are the most entertaining!  I think this should be my husband’s Halloween Costume this year.

#7)  Wiener Dude- Seriously, I have no idea why, but I just love him!  This commercial still cracks me up.  If they sold the antennae clippy thingy at the local restaurant, I’d buy it (as long as it was under $5.00 bucks).  If someone bought me a Retro-Tee Shirt, with him on it, I’d so wear it. (as long as my boobs fit in it)

#6) Dos Equis Most Interesting Guy in the world.  “He ran a marathon, because it was on his way”  (and he gave his dad the talk) – now that’s a man.

#5)  The Afflack Duck – how stupid right, who seriously thought this one up- yet the damn duck makes me laugh.  When he’s floating on a  pool raft and falls off, and  Especially when he’s doing yoga and falls over…

#4)  Mt. Dew- any of those old Commercials – my husband has a retro t-shirt that I just love because it’s our favorite soda.  Not too many places have it- but Wienerschnitzel does and 7/11 Big Gulp.  Do the DEW, man!  As a Kid I wanted to go jump off cliffs into water with the teenagers.

#3) Dean Winters- The Allstate Mayhem guy – all these are hysterical.  The actor does such a good job.  I think I watched all the commercials doing this post.  “World Worst Cleaning lady, having a spectacular day.”  and “I’m a hot babe, out jogging, making sure this stays a 10…”

#2)  Old Spice Dude – we love him.  Ladies, right?  Mans man.  “Hello, Ladies, Look down, then up, tickets to the thing you want, those tickets are now diamonds…I’m on a horse.”  So bizarre, but awesome.

#1)  Who doesn’t love JACK, come on! – Every holiday, we buy a Jack Ball – we put a hook in it and seriously add it to our Christmas Tree.  For the longest time, we didn’t have a Tree Topper- so we’d buy the latest Jack Ball and screw him on top.  Yes, we’re bizarre.

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12 thoughts on “10 things I am fond of – clever marketing

  1. I have that Mtn. Dew shirt! Ha! Also now I am hungry. For shit I am not allowed to eat. Waaaaah! I love the mayhem guy. The Old Spice Dude is DEF. hot! I now need to go scavenge for food that will leave me very unsatisfied because I would love to stuff my face with Jack in the Box and Doritos.


    1. I’m sorry! Hahahah, but we went to Wiener yesterday, and I got to thinking about all the various marketing I like and the Wiener dude makes me laugh. My husband (Bill) has that Mt. Dew shirt. I love it. Now, I want a breakfast Jack and my damn coffee (hurry up brewer)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I ate some boring food and I am drinking my black coffee. Now I am eating my recently discovered caramel corn that is totally “safe” for me to eat! Trying to satiate the beastly bitch who keeps rearing her ugly head this morning.


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