Just a Squirrel trying to get a nut

Don’t you hate it when, funny things that pop out of you mouth and you have NO IDEA where they come from… One time I was dating a guy, really cute Marine dude from Michigan. (this was like 18 years ago)  I remember, we were driving and I ended up saying, “I’m just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut…” and he laughed and laughed- WTF, why would I say that?  First of all bizarre (hello?) and next, isn’t that something a guy would say? (embarrassing)  I laughed and realized it came from High school, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t remember the reference and since he didn’t go to school with me, he had no clue.

Gary laughed and laughed and would throw the phrase out here and there while we dated. (flash forward several years)

Then that phrase came to me again later, after marriage and kids, when Phineas and Ferb had that video “Squirrels in my pants”  HYSTERICAL by the way. (I almost pee my pants each time- watch it)  Best cartoon and the kids loved the video.  I could not remember why I kept thinking “just a squirrel gettin’ a nut.” (Dang it- where does that come from?)

Then the ICE AGE movie came out and I laughed so HARD at the poor struggle that prehistoric squirrel had with his acorn.  “Poor squirrel just trying to get a nut”

SO TODAY, I found the reference.  It’s raining (yea, CA in huge drought) and all that keeps entering my mind this morning is a cheesy 80’s song that my high school friends and I would laugh and make fun of and quote:

“I saw you.. AND HIM, walking in the rain.”

And we’d all emphasize HIM and echo it out…  so I wanted to pull the video to post- and forgot how lame it was, and the lyrics hysterical.  He goes on a tirade at the end that makes me giggle.  So many great lines and ends in “You’re just a squirrel trying to get a nut.”  There it is!  OMG- making my post even more interesting!  Seriously, watch it through the end.

Disclaimer: This blog serves no monetary purpose All photos, videos, art not personally taken by me are typically of public domain and linked directly to the source. Therefore, if viewed, it is viewed at original site location with no profit to me from the story/blog post and all creative rights to the characters/material belong to their original creator(s) , artist(s), or author. No lyrics will be written. If item is not deemed “public domain” – it’s by accident and will certainly be removed immediately upon request.


6 thoughts on “Just a Squirrel trying to get a nut

    1. George, what do you mean?

      Real quick- just want to make sure:

      This blog makes no money, and I’m not looking for payments for any services of any kind.

      I’m very careful to NOT write down the lyrics verbatim (so not as misconstrued as to be my own) and I link to the internet pictures/video original site- so that if watched, it is watched or viewed at their original site- not uploading photo as my own and ensure to note any image is that of the company or where it came from… not mine and not making $$ from it and most is “public domain” – if not, it’s by accident and will certainly be removed if asked.

      (and typically I’ve also purchased the said movie, and music- I’ve got discs and dvds galore)


    2. I was just teasing….:). So many people ask for royalties after songs or movies become famous. I was suggesting, in a funny way, that you came up with the phrase and you can ask for royalties. I wasn’t being serious, only kidding around. Sorry if you misunderstood…:)1


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