New Product available: Ass Saucers

 Ass Saucer: a place to sit your ass, come in various sizes. These are often used by birds to wash their behinds after pooping on your car.

Guys, here’s a story to remind everyone – PROOF read you e-mails, letters, blog posts, etc.  (Even more important for those pesky business transactions.)

I just had the funniest conversation with someone at work.  We were talking about how employees should really use SPELL CHECK before sending e-mails to co-workers.  Spell check doesn’t just indicate when something is spelled incorrectly, but will also notify you pertaining to other grammar, and often if it doesn’t recognize a word, it would give you the option of adding it to your dictionary.

My co-worker told me about how she recently received a letter from her Home Owners Association (HOA) pertaining to plants she has outside on their sidewalk.

“Dear Home Owner: please ensure you plants have ASS saucers.”

She then inquired what those were as she was only familiar with Plant saucers…for some reason the HOA didn’t have sense of humor and no reply was received.

Seriously, read your stuff people!  Spell check would have inquired if you wanted to add “ass saucers” to your dictionary, thus notifying you, the dumb ass, of the embarrassing error before communicating to the home owner.


16 thoughts on “New Product available: Ass Saucers

    1. I did read it, I like the first impression….(I live in one of those neighborhoods) They are a necessary evil if you want homeowners to keep their places squared away.


  1. Thanks for making me snort vodka through my nose! OH MAH GAWD! DID NOT MAKE IT PAST THE TITLE! Dying! Had no clue that this was going to the be the post about spell check! I love you more each day! xoxoxox


    1. hahha I’m drinking this potent beer my husband just opened up (we’re sharing because it’s huge!) He bought it in Oregon Widmer Brothers Reserve Barrel Aged Ale BRRRBON ’13 90% Ale Aged Bourbon Barrels and 10% ale. (and no, that’s not a typo- It’s Brrr Bon.) It’s freakin’ potent. I took 3 sips and I’m done!

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