Being Held captive by 50 – don’t help me

If you read my post(s) on Mothers Day, you would have seen that my husband purchased the 50 Shades of Grey movie for me.  When the movie first came out, I had indicated some interests to see what all the hoop-la was about… and my hubby was like “…Why?  You don’t want to see that.”

Then, I read some blog posts (by women) that were completely disturbed by the movie and “domestic” violence.  Since I had seen a few of these posts and similar comments, my interest had declined, but I never told my hubby.  So when he bought it, I was like “Oh… that’s nice.”

Now I had to watch it, right?

So, I did… fully expecting to be completely “disturbed” as others had indicated… and guess what?  I LOVED IT.  (don’t you women go all hating me until I explain in further in future posts)

With that said, I immediately went online and purchased all 3 books of the series through Kendall for computers.  I’ve been not as active on the blog-o-sphere lately, because I’ve been captivated, voraciously reading about the crazy world of two lovers.  I completed the first book in one day (the movie did a good job of following a lot of the book – but you understand so much more) and have since started book 2 last night…

So, just know if you don’t see me responding to everyone’s posts, I’m being held captive by 50 and I’ll return soon.  It won’t take long…


8 thoughts on “Being Held captive by 50 – don’t help me

  1. I had to erase my post from last night…then I tried to respond to your message with this….OMG! I had started the list, on my phone, while sitting at the bar and when I saved it, it posted it….Guess no more trying to blog on my phone app lol. Actually I beat him 3 times at darts and then some guys in there kept challenging him to pool. I actually wasn’t upset just bored and was ready to go home. We were at a little local watering hole but yes I know what “bar drinks” in Vegas you are referring to. We used to live there and I did the whole “club” crap in my younger years. Now you wouldn’t catch me in a club. We usually just drink at home but we hadn’t had a date night in awhile so went out instead. I had a lot of fun until I got bored and was ready to go. I turn into a pumpkin after midnight because then all I start thinking about is how many hours of sleep I am going to get before having to start my day. 😛 …..I really hate technology sometimes lol


  2. Oh and btw…Loved those books! Read them a long time ago….haven’t seen the movie but I have read a lot of posts about it being disturbing. I just don’t think the movie will live up to the books…it would have to be a porno to be able to do that 😀


    1. hahhah! Actually, they did quite well… and it’s pretty revealing, but done so in a very well manner (good taste) – it matched the book, with how he communicates and tells exactly what he’s going to do, etc. I honestly don’t know how they would do the 2nd book, thus far… because it’s even more detailed… holy cow!

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  3. Soft porn, anyone? My god, I don’t know how they acted that out… seriously, what if you weren’t attracted to that person, or they had nasty breath, or they were just an ass in real life and you had to get ready for a scene. Ugh. Even if I was an actor back in my mid 20s – still young- but mature enough- I wouldn’t have been able to handle that. I always think about the soap opera stars and think (ew) what if you just couldn’t stand the person you had to make out with… YUK


  4. Glad you enjoyed the movie and book. I tried reading the first one and I think I may have finished it but almost put it down several times because the writing itself was brutal. The story was the story but the writing itself was so bad I often wonders how it ever got published. But thats just me…:)


    1. Well, I like straight forward telling so I was able to get through the first book with no real issues. However, the 2nd book, writing seems redundant. I found myself thinking “Didn’t I just read that?” It must be the characters, and the subject matter that peaks interest… but you know how they redo movies later… is there a way someone else can rewrite another version for each book? Kind of like someone that sings another person’s song and make it completely their own version (as the American Idol judges would say) – we need another author to tell the stories. I’ve just started the 3rd book, and it begins “flashback” style, to which I’ve never been a fan with out-of-sequence scenes except when very cleverly done. For instance, I hated Pulp Fiction the first time seeing it because I was confused until the very end and we see everything linking together… Now, I like it after seeing it a few times. But, you have to be a great story teller to pull flashbacks and out-of-sequence stuff off. I feel this 3rd book is starting off “choppy” Present/past/present- it doesn’t seem to have smooth transitioning.

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