Dead Man’s Party

WHAAAT?Morturary - postcard invite

You know you’re getting old when… Imagine our surprise to receive this invitation in the mail. I hope there’s balloons and music. It’s free, is there an open bar upon signing up for pre-planning our funeral? Hey, I don’t have to dress up, do I? Can we wear flip flops? Will there be a bouncy house for the kiddos?


30 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Party

  1. I love this! This is so ridiculous. A funeral home in my town was recently bought out by some other funeral home. They apparently redecorated and changed things around. One Sunday afternoon, they held an “open house” with light refreshments and promoted it in the local newspaper. I think there was pizza involved. I can’t imagine anybody going to the funeral home to chill out and eat pizza.

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    1. I literally (figuratively in actuality) pulled that one out of my exhausted ass. I surpassed my own expectations BIG TIME.

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    2. Nah they just want money! Little do they know, I have promised my body to organ donation, scientific study and animal food at the zoo… (ok I made that last one up).


    1. Confession: I tend to over use the “fun in funeral” line. But it’s new to you, so… new material! Most recently I used it at my own great-grandmother’s funeral during a conversation with my cousins debating the appropriateness of taking a selfie at said funeral. In case it’s not obvious yet, I use inappropriate humor in uncomfortable situations.


    2. I laugh whenever I’m nervous or at inappropriate times. So I get you. When I was working out with a personal trainer 20 years ago… I would always get nervous giggles whenever I had to push heavy weight or was challenged. “Oh, your one of those.” was his reply. Yup, I’m one of those… when I trip and fall in front of everyone (done this 3x in my life) – I’m overcome with nervous laughter.

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