It’s Mother’s Day – not Miracle Day

                                                            Do you look like this?

So, this is how my Mother’s Day starts…

Clean clothes are strewn about our living room, all over the couch so we can’t sit down and Sunday’s we actually like to use the recliners.  Since we live in a small 2-bedroom condo, there isn’t much room for the 4 of us, and all our clothes… clutter accumulates quickly.

Me to the kids: 

“Hey, you know what would make mommy really happy?  Is if you hung up all your shirts and folded and put away your clean laundry.  That would be awesome!”

Dad’s response:

“Hey, it’s Mother’s Day, not Miracle Day.”

Yup.  So true.  So, I decided to use that as a way to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all my lovely mother bloggers.  In my attempt to find appropriate clip art, I came across the above image.  So a few things strike me:

  • What mother looks like that while doing laundry?  I’m usually in my sleep tee-shirt (end of day or early morning) – and am therefore always looking tired.
  • What an awkward sitting position, who on earth would be sitting with their 10-12 year old like that, in that cramped of a place?
  • Speaking of cramped places, dang, that’s a small area, smaller than my condo’s laundry room.
  • Wait, they are in the kitchen instead of a dishwasher , it’s a washing machine that can be hidden behind a cabinet.  AWESOME idea… for the single dude- reality check, ain’t no way that design “mini washer” can reasonably work for a family. (or couple, for that matter.) and is there a dryer in the next cabinet?
  • Also, how would you bend down to retrieve clothes, I’m thinking you’d end up on all fours.  Or sitting, like they are doing the picture.

So I then was going to select this clip art, and decided not to, then change my

              Who’s kid smiles?

mind again.  See, this boy in the picture, that is NOT how my son is when it comes to laundry.  The person writing these so-called “Tips” can go SUCK IT… my son is no fool when it comes to this subject.  No matter how it’s spun, he knows the best trick to getting laundry done, is to have mom do it.  Why ruin a good thing?  Therefore, when he’s asked to assist, usually he ends up falling onto furniture or ground and rolling around as if I knifed him, and he were mortally wounded.  Eventually, he begrudgingly will perform said task, but there are absolutely no smiles.


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