Boobs over my hammy

So, this whole Mothers Day is a riot.  My 9-year-old daughter and my 11-year-old son were helping dad make breakfast for me this morning.

My son picked up on my daughter’s excitement…

“Come see what we did! “

“Come see what we did!

Lots and lots of food one of them being eggs.  Daddy knows how I prefer them cooked, as when we were dating, and used to go to Denny’s I’d always order Moons Over My hammy.

So, on that thought, my  husband ensured my two eggs were cooked just right.  As the yolks wiggled and jiggled and I broke through the thin outer layer, my son pointed out,

“I told dad, those look like your boobs.”

to which dad said, looking at the yellow river,

“What, yellow liquid oozes out of them?”

DUDE.  Trying to enjoy my breakfast here.  Then I open my “gifts” and my son is all crazy excited, and I unravel a large package of Extra Gum,

“Look, mom!  It’s gum!”

The way he carried on, I thought I was getting tickets to something.  Apparently, he’s on a huge “gum” kick and knows that he gets to have some and essentially the gift was for himself. 🙂  Then my husband tops it off with,

“We’re not saying you have bad breath, or course.”

Then my next gift was the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and I didn’t have the heart to tell my husband that I decided not to see this film (after all) once I read other blog posts by women stating how disturbed they were.  Of course, now that I have it, I’ll have to watch it… and it’s at this time my daughter announced she had seen previews for that movie.

“God, I hope not.  Judging by the cover of this movie jacket, I can’t imagine those previews being PG.”

Now, my BEST gift: they have left to go see grandma and the quiet is amazing.  No TV, no electronics, no arguing. I’m cleaning the insanely amount of dirty dishes that were created, tossing in laundry, and scrubbing the disgusting toilets that I haven’t had time to clean forever…

Oh, don’t feel badly for me, even though the kids are no longer babies or toddlers, this quiet time is heaven.  I don’t have to hear the constant bickering between siblings or referee physical conduct.  I’ll gladly scrub a toilet instead, they don’t talk back.

That’s how we roll on Mothers Day in this household.  Nothing Fancy here.


7 thoughts on “Boobs over my hammy

  1. I somehow get the feeling that breakfast and the gifts had a certain theme to it…..:) glad you were able to have some alone time. Hope you enjoyed your day…:)


    1. Yeah, some amazing “loot.” You can feel free to steal the whole gum idea as a future gift for your wife. Seriously, you kids will think it’s the best gift ever… especially if they are old enough to chew gum themselves and it’s budget friendly!


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