Selfies – Yea or Neigh

selfie- family at Angel game
We didn’t get on the KISS CAM, so we did our own kissy photo

The Bell Jar was just recently freshly pressed on her post about Selfies.

For the most part, I agree.  There are (2) Facebook friends of mine, that they constantly post selfies and I LOVE them!  I look forward to what they will post next.

Selfie- Beetlejuice
My facebook friend in one of her fun outfits

One is a single young gal  (a recent graduate), that works helping seating people at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and is involved with production of commercials for Doritos and such.  She loves to dress up for Renfair, etc.  She’s always doing something so interesting, I love her selfies reflecting costumes, the latest on the set, her cool car, etc.



Selfie- 1901 Club Disney CA Adventure
My facebook friends at 1901 Club- CA Adventure

The other is a young married couple I met years ago on an airplane to New Orleans.  The wife is so darned cute with all her artsy-fartsy take on photos.  Pictures are taken at angles, and there’s a cool software that adds borders and such.. Her husband is such a sport and always playing along.  They have a lot of followers all eager to see their next post.  They are huge on Disneyland and visiting Utah and participating in 5ks.

So, when Belle Jar posted, I agreed when thinking about those two friends of mine.  However, I personally, hate myself in pictures.  Since gaining so much weight after kids, getting old and having gray hair (limiting the amount of dye jobs)- I just don’t like me in photos.  But my family, is cute as heck.  So if I’m taking a photo, I’m either hiding behind the kids or partially out of the picture- like half my body or just my head. 🙂

But, recently, we had a fun shot at Angel Stadium.  So, let me introduce you to this blog’s author- I’m Sandi, nice to meet you.  And that’s my husband, Bill.  Our kids are Samantha and Gibson.

Let me see your selfies, blog them!  Respond here, so I know to come visit your post.  You’re my friends and I want to meet you!




2 thoughts on “Selfies – Yea or Neigh

  1. I love a good selfie! I post them occasionally, and usually have a joke involved. I think people who hate on selfies are wrong because every time someone creeps on someone the first photo they look for is a selfie! Cute pic! 🙂


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