OMG- I’m a blog snob!

Don’t you hate it when you discover something unpleasant about yourself…

We always tease our friends, because we have those that are “Wine Snobs” – oh, we can only have this particular wine vs. that.  Oh, it’s that brand, well, you may as well be drinking out of a box.  I like to mess with them,

“oh, yeah, reminds me… hon, Costco has that box wine on sale!”

and my hubby immediately catches on to our friends’ horrific expressions,

“Already ahead of you, babe.  Brought some for the party today, I’ll go get it out of the trunk.  We thought of you, James and Karen.”

We just can’t help ourselves.  Thankfully, our friends are good-natured and would never say anything negative, even if we were serious.  They would just decline the offer of having a glass and openly admit they are wine snobs of the worst kind, but they would not be judging us, but then the hubster breaks out a wine that is worthy and all smile in relief and joy.

Then, we have our BEER snob friends.  They are forever trying to get me to sample new beer.  Usually, the brands they have are so potent, I’m already feeling tipsy after 4 sips.  They relish being Beer snobs and face it like it’s a challenge to bring their friends up to speed.

“Damn, straight, we are… and we’re going to make all of you real beer drinkers yet.”

All of this is in good fun, and we can all laugh at our quirks and we know what we like.  Now, pertaining to wine /  beer- whatever to me and the hubs.  We don’t drink too regularly to really become snobby about said product, but drink enough to have some preferences.

What got me to thinking about this?  Well, one time I complained about not finding bloggers that I could relate to and posts that were interesting to me.  My friend’s husband (the Beer Snob) states,

“Well, if you’ve read one blog, you’ve read them all, right?  I really can’t see much of a difference and why someone would spend so much time on that.”

Gasp! “So much stuff!”

Christopher is known to say things to just get people going… so I glare at him  and before retorting… I gasped!  At this point, he helped me make an awful, sobering discovery.  When it comes to reading blogs, I’m like Goldilocks, (that blog is too this / that blog is too that) as I scroll through posts on the Big Wide World of WordPress.  Ever Searching for my new blogging besties, I click and quickly move on from sites of fiction writing (there are tons of these) and art/photography (although, I do enjoy and follow couple), cluttered sites with tons of links, buttons, or the 3 column theme (these are too busy to look at), long reads, reposting of the news, and I rarely like posts that are “freshly pressed.”  (weird)

Although these sites are great for those with similar interests, these typically do not make me stop, unless someone has a unique take on a subject and writes well to make me feel something, laughter/sadness/anger or I just “get it.” I’m on the same wave length…

Everything is Just right!

The big search for my “just right” blogs (being Goldilocks and all), is based on honesty about your life.  I want to read real-time/life stories.  The comedy, the struggles, the beauty, the frickin’ anger “piss-me-off” moment, the pensive moments.  I want to comment and say “Yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from” and they don’t all have to be mom blogs, as I truly appreciate the male perspective, bloggers of all ages, and those sharing dating woes.

All Bloggers are wonderful, and unique, but I’m looking for specific types of posts to read, and I’ve found a few bloggers that I really enjoy and am looking for more of them.  My name is Sandi, and I can’t believe I’m saying this… I’m a Blog Snob.

(any others out there, or am I talking to an empty room?)

P.S.  I’ve added links to those blogs I frequent often, and we spend time commenting on one another sites.  Check ’em out. 🙂





14 thoughts on “OMG- I’m a blog snob!

  1. Haha, I am heartened to read this and have a term explain why I scrollscrollscrollscrollscrollGASPYESTHIS … and repeat.

    (Saying all blogs are alike is like saying all fiction is alike: “I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and, thusly prepared, present you my review of ‘War and Peace,’ which I haven’t read but might as well have.”)

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    1. This made me LOL. My best friend back home is a chemical engineer who planned her coursework to avoid writing as much as possible. When she then wrote me a many-page going away letter right before I moved to South Korea, I was incredulous. And overjoyed. 🙂


    2. I suppose I misspoke. I’m married to one that holds a degree in aerospace and our friend specializes in electrical engineering and robotics, it’s not that they can’t write and can obviously do so to pass a college course… but they are Math people. They prefer avoiding any “unnecessary” writing as possible. In fact, I think my husband’s step-mom had to rewrite his paper to get into UCLA. (that’s the joke anyway.) My husband said his worst classes were ones that required reports. So, blogging to them, they would rather stick a fork in their eye for entertainment.

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  2. I might have just peed a little bit with excitement! YAY! I now know what your entire family looks like! Ohhhh f&*k that totally makes me sound like a stalker. But really I love having faces and names to go along with the stories I read. You know what all of my crazy animals look like, and I look like a smug jerk in my “gravatar” pic, and not much better in my “About Me” page, but that is cuz I have crooked teeth, so I smirk with a closed mouth for the camera, plus people always assume I am a bitch from the get go for some reason (probably my perma-smirk) so I try to not emphasize WHAT I look like very often lol. I prefer people to know me on a WHO level first.

    Your “gray” hair… I call those glitter streaks – I have my fair share! You, your kids, and your “hubs” are all “totes adorbs” in valley girls terms. I am dying to meet the lot of you. I am sorry to have been so absentee. But you know why. I am absurdly sleep deprived right now, but I am wired and tired and cannot unwind, so I am now wandering the blogging land, trying to catch up with my friends. I actually only “follow” 20-ish people. I am pickier than a toddler. I am not a snob, I just have a limited amount of time, and I want to spend it making actual connections with people who seem to be REAL, and worth my time. Ya dig? Of course you do! That is why we are becoming fast friends! xoxoxoxo

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    1. Love you too, sista! Your gravatar pic. makes you interesting. It goes with your sassiness. You Sas-pants, you! (hey, I like that nickname!) I follow more people to get an newsfeed going, but my favs are saved on a page of my blog for easy reference. 🙂 – yes, of course, I know why you are not present and send you hugs. I just loved that smile you posted of grandpa. It really does look like a pirate smile, but in a super cool piratey way. (Not ew your teeth are rotting kinda way.) Oh, and I am a blog snob- I swear, I don’t like anything anymore. And (oh no) I’m critiquing! Yep, I’m like – what is wrong with them- don’t they know this, this, this. Oh, they are not worthy of my follow… 🙂 Happy mom’s day, lady, as best as it can be with Grandpa’s health.

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    2. Happy mom’s day to you! I realized I forgot to put up the even better pic of my grappa so I added it last night lol. I get easily irked with blogs lol. I follow and then quickly unfollow. So I am a snob too. My bullshit tolerance is pretty low. I hope you have a fabulous day! Xoxoxoxo ♡♡♡


    3. Darn, I’m having difficulty getting your site to produce- I’ll look at it later. Everything on your cover page (the photos associated with the post) all shifted to the right and half off the monitor. When I click the post, it blacks out… so I’ll try again off my other computer later. (my work laptop is shot) and I disagree- thought you bull factor was pretty high based on your posts. (hahahahah!) Okay, have a good day!

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  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, we all look for things and people who interest us regardless of where that might be. I believe all people have something to share regardless of age or history and I enjoy different perspectives, but some interest me more than others. We’re all the same when it comes to choosing.


    1. Well said, George. I’m serious and don’t want to offend anyone… but outside of a few of you, I really have difficulty finding bloggers that post material I like (or can relate to)- obviously, you being one of my favs. 🙂 I just want people to tell me what’s goin’ on in their world, a few embellishments are fine.

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