Just throw some glue on it- and you’re good

Separation of back of lid from laptop monitor

Add this to my list of annoyances this week.  Now, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here, but what the heck, man!

So, I have an ancient laptop given to me to use at work.  I don’t care that it’s heavy and a pain to carry around, but it’s been doing some funky things lately that our IT department just can’t figure out the issues.  (now, I don’t have much faith in them, as it is- I’ve worked for some pretty great places with super intelligent IT whizzes, this place pales in comparison)

The following has not improved my opinion of them, in fact the opposite.

“Oh, she probably needs a new laptop.  Get her a replacement one.”

…what the Director of IT (at corporate- makes decisions on their budget) told my local IT guy.  Okay, not that I’m looking for brand new, I just want something that functions properly so I can get my work completed in a timely fashion.  A gently used one, would be fine.

It takes weeks before the local IT guy gets back to me.  Okay, whatever, my current laptop has been behaving, so  no biggie.  He finally stopped by my desk yesterday afternoon, and apologized for the delay, indicating he had difficulty getting a new laptop for me as corporate didn’t want to provide.  (even though, the director in charge of IT purchases said to get me a new one- yeah, wrap your head around that one…)

SO, here’s a different laptop, yadda-yadda-yadda.  It’s now a HP notebook, it’s not brand new but it’s the only available one they have.  Okay, don’t care- it’s smaller and lighter, I feel hope already.

EXCEPT, the back end of monitor (the lid) is separating at the bottom left back corner away from the monitor.  It’s like the previous owner dropped it- how can that be an improvement over the one I have now?  What’s to say there isn’t “internal” damage?

BUT,  here’s where it got awesome.    It guy said,

“Oh, hey you might want to add some glue to that.  Yeah, glue would definitely be good.” 

WTF?  You are giving me a damaged laptop and telling me to glue something… so I try to be reasonable and not look like an idiot

“Are you sure?  I mean what kind of glue? ” 

I was told to ‘just not use something that will eat away at the plastic.’  WHAT?

“Okay, so what glue?  I don’t think my Kid’s Elmer glue- goopy white stuff would be good?  Besides, it hardly adheres paper together.  Is there a special electronics glue or do we use Super glue?” 

He looked at me as if I were an idiot and answered like he was repeating himself  and indicated Super glue eats away at the plastic.  Oh, I’m sorry, but I don’ t know that. (jerk)

Um okay, so he left and I’m working and sitting and thinking- ain’t no way, I’m taking responsibility for that.  I could see later on,

“oh, you damaged your laptop and you glued it, rendering it useless- you owe the company a new laptop.” 

Besides, that’s their job!  Giving me a broken laptop, really?  It’s the very back panel and doesn’t look like it’s supposed to separate ever.

NO WAY…so I record it in an e-mail response back to IT telling them I expect them to fix it.  Here’s a copy of that e-mail, to which I forwarded to my husband and his comical response.  Ugh.

broken laptop email


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