Sorry, you’re just not as cute as Gizmo

Work office etiquette series #1   the HUMMER– Some hummers are good, but not this kind.

E-mail to Dude who is humming (non-stop):


Did you hear me say aloud, kinda audible, over the workstation panel and up to the ceiling so it would filter out across the office:

“No! Stop humming.  uh-uh!” 

That was directed at you.  Oh, yes, I’m quite serious.

The sound you’re making, kinda reminds me of the tune Magwai does in that 80’s Gremlins movie, except Gizmo sounds cute humming and singing keys. 

Unfortunately, you are off-tune and sound garbled, like there might be marbles in your mouth.  Even if your voice was lovely, no one wants to hear your version of some random song or general noises emitted to self-soothe throughout your tough day.

Here’s a thought, perhaps sing in your head, and you can be as loud and out-of-key as you wish.  Your own internal Rock Star!  Imagine that.  Shoot, you can even do “air guitar.”

Go on with your bad-self, but just do it quietly,

from the team



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