So I was commenting on someone’s post a few days ago, and something “odd” popped out of my mouth (or hands… since I was typing)  Do you ever find yourself writing slang (or saying something) you normally don’t?

For instance, “You’re the bomb.”

That phrase never came naturally to me and I always felt and sounded ridiculous the moment the words left my mouth.  (How old am I?  I was in my mid 20’s when that sayin’ came about and I felt silly.)  So I refrained from ever saying it again… but then there’s the ones that you kinda feel silly and don’t mean to use it, but then it comes out anyway…occasionally…

So here I was typing this comment, and I wrote BONUS!  (woohooo- throwing hands in air) happy about something and I was like- huh, that’s weird that came out… but left it and immediately flashed back to where that came from…

Yes, it was my very first job in high school, working at Del Taco.  On Friday nights, we’d have this odd manager that would come on to start the graveyard shift before I headed home.  Well, graveyard hours brings interesting folk as it is…particularly those making Del Taco Management a career.  Suffice it to say he was on drugs, and one day, I discovered him taking money from the till and he ended being fired… (he’d charge people without ringing up and he’d pocket that money) I didn’t tell on purpose- I just told another manager that I was told to get off the register (to work another station) because it was broken…and was telling of my adventure on Taco Bar…which made that manager suspicious.

Anyway, I digress… so this dude, I’d work with him a full day  on some Saturdays and his favorite exclamation was “BONUS.”  Whenever, an unexpected cool thing happened, “BONUS.”  Someone gave him more change than they should “BONUS.”  But the way he said it, with a smile and wiggled his head and body movement, was the amusing part.  It wasn’t annoying.  It was funny, because it wasn’t over-used, only when something cool happened.

Flash forward to the present:  Every once in awhile, that word will “unexpectedly” pop out of my mouth.  It’s rare, but does happen on occasion…  Now, my husband has picked up on it.  Whereas, one would say “SCORE!”  Instead, it’s now “Hey, I went to gas the car, and got a free car wash.  BONUS!”

OR … “Hey, there’s a BONUS fry at the bottom of the bag! SCORE!”

OR in this case, “Hey, that blogger just reminded me of story to tell.  A great read and idea all in one stop- BONUS!”




14 thoughts on “Bonus!

    1. I think I was commenting on one of your blog posts (yet again) 🙂 and I was like, did I just type that?

      BTW: my daughter has a red shirt (ketchup shirt) that underneath states “Awesome sauce!” Got it for her from New Orleans. And it’s her favorite T-shirt.

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    2. Amaze-balls! Lol we only speak in annoying slang and homemade portmanteaus in this house, haha! Plus with my migraine brain, I am forever coming up with new and awful bastardizations of words! I cannot make the link work on my phone… mayhap it will click on my computer in the morn…? I am tired, but wired.


  1. I am on the computer now since I have been up since 3. Saw the shirt. It is cute! I cannot believe your daughter’s name is Sammie! If I had had a girl, I was going to name her Samantha. I wanted to have that as a girl’s name since I was oh about 6 or so.


    1. my husband (at first) didn’t like that name because he didn’t like androgynous names (names that can be either gender. Toni/Tony, Tyler, Mel) But when we said Samantha Rose – that was pretty. Funny, it’s now “Sammie”, “Sammie-samkins”, “Sammers” …. and so on… simply “Sam” on soccer because it has to be short when yelling on field.

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    2. Amazing. I am stupefied! I have ALWAYS loved that name! I love androgynous names too. MANY of our potential baby names could have gone for either a boy or girl before we knew we were having a son.


  2. I actually spelled out O*M*G the other day…my husband was like “what did you just spell?” Oh well lol


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