No Ammo here…

… I might have throw my flip flop at ya…

So, I’m visiting one of my favorite bloggers and she always posts material I can relate to (probably why she is a fav)… her recent post, I could totally agree and my comment could have gotten so long.  The only thing I couldn’t relate to was her comment about “stopping for ammo.”

What do I know about ammo- outside of it’s used for, guns, shooting… nothin’.    Then while reading the post, my mind takes a detour (like that T.V. Show, Alley McBeal) and I begin thinking about ammo.

Here’s where my mind went:

  • First to “huh, I don’ t know anyone who has gone to a shooting range…except that woman who used to come into the law office.”  I used to be a receptionist at an extremely posh law office specializing in Estate.  They have this client that is extremely weathy that would visit our office wearing a HUGE staw hat, and HUGE bug-eye sunglasses- fly like eyes x  million+ – so she wouldn’t be “recognized” (but, really expected you to recognize her- I had to be prepped before her arrival- but I couldn’t know her name because it was a “secret” so I wasn’t allowed to address her by name.  Ridiculous, yes?) and when asked how she was, she would sayOh, I’m so hot and parched?  May I have water?  I’ve been shooting all day.”   How dreadful for her.
  • Next, that old 80’s Wild, Wild West song (by Escape Club) came to mind where we hear the shooting gun, bullet whizzin’ and then the song starts.  Then the video came to mind- because it’s odd with the legs and arms (no body) playing instruments. (What was that about?)  But I kinda liked it- the video was played often.
  • And I can’t think about that song, without immediatley thinking about Will Smith’s version of Wild West – and then I think “oh, how cute is Will.”  I don’t know a girl out there who doesn’t dig him.  The Video goes through (2) commercials and isn’t that good of quality.  There is no “official” music video available- they want you to purchase it on iTunes.
  • By this point, I grab a cup of coffee, and realize I need to finish reading the post… and I’m like wow- this chick must be a spit fire reading her prior posts and now her comment on ammo… which of course, then my mind went to that Country/Rock song Gun Powder and Lead, by Miranda Lambert- which whenever I think about my blogging friend- this is going to pop in my  head.   🙂 because she strikes me as bad ass! And I love that! 

8 thoughts on “No Ammo here…

  1. Awww shucks! Now I am blushing! Hahaha! We are going to get along like peas and corn! PORN!! Get it? I know, terrible joke. I will show you how to handle a gun like a pro. That is, if you are interested! I can teach you how to butcher a chicken too if you’d like. Oh, and if ya want to know how to lay tile, change a tire, or apply the *perfect* winged eyeliner, I am pretty damn good at those too. I am rather odd duck with a strange set of skills and knowledge! I do hope you move close enough that we can get to know one another! 😀


    1. Peas and corn! I swear I say that! Never thought the Porn though… all you- making you an individual! Hahahah! We have to be individuals or my husband might mistake you for his wife. (hahah!) Nah, I’m the plain tshirt girl (very rarely wear makeup) In fact, I don’t do any of those other things. butcher a chicken… yikes.. as long as that doesn’t include chasing it down, and wringing it’s neck (swinging it around to break the neck) and then plucking feathers like my ex-boyfriend’s dad told me he used to. (ack!) Alas, I’m not a kitchen person. I have my hubby do those other things (including the eyeliner- ha! ha kidding) I’m sure I’m individually awesome, I just can’t think of any talents at this precise moment. 🙂

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  2. Lmfao! I am such a tomboy, that I have to disguise it with makeup and dresses, or I get hit on by lesbians NON-STOP, which isn’t a problem, it just gets confusing for me, ya know? I legit have been told by many dudes that I am probably a bigger man than they, I am only missing the equipment. I tease them and tell them that I have a bigger set of balls than they do, and I wear them proudly on chest – they are my BREASTICLES! I don’t wring their necks (chickens) instead, you string them up by their feet, hang ’em from a tree and let them calm down so they don’t have an adrenaline rush that makes the meat taste yucky. Then you slit their jugular with a razor sharp blade and let the blood drain out. Then you dip them for about 90 seconds in 130 degree water to ease the plucking process… yeah that was probably more than you needed to know lol!


    1. keepin’ it real. (high 5) – being hit on by the same sex, must have had some interesting conversations over the years. Breasticles- that’s funny, I’ve heard that before… right up there with the man bra- the bro? (I think that’s what it was called. OMG – you’re a “horror-movie” waiting to happen… hahahahah – The chicken slayer.


  3. Lololololol! I actually punched a bitch in the face for being too grab-assy with me at a concert in San Francisco when I was 18. Probably didn’t handle it in the most mature fashion… enough about me. I am a train wreck! I want to hear about YOU!


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