Love to laugh

Laughter- G (1)I had an interesting conversation with someone at work on Friday.  This gentleman and I tend to get coffee around the same time and conversations are always jovial.

The subject of laughter came up and he said:

“You have to laugh, there’s an enzyme in your brain that produces when you REALLY laugh aloud.  Whole body into it.  It’s good for you.  There is a woman here that was ill and had catscan of her brain done and her doctor’s advice was to LAUGH.  No lie.  So she used to work before very serious, and all of a sudden, she would laugh whenever possible, all the time… and little by little, she got better.  Eventually, the sickness was gone!  True Story!”

Whether or not there’s 100% fact in his statements, I don’t know.  Laughter- S.I won’t disagree.  There have been studies done and years ago, I think the show, 60 minutes, had a segment on these laugh seminars or laughing groups back in the 80’s..  As a child, I recall thinking it was weird back then when that episode aired.  Now… I have a different outlook.  It certainly helps to elevate moods for yourself and those around you.  That’s always a good thing.  If laughing doesn’t come naturally to you… a seminar might be beneficial.  Heck, I Googled, and sure enough I saw something done by Oprah, CBS had a list of videos and Bing produced Laughing Meet up.

Laughter- Laughing groups

Fortunately, laughing comes naturally to me, so I totally believe what my fellow work associate stated without needing fact, simply based on faith alone.  I’m always laughing at the absurdity of some of the work issues.  One time my boss irritated with me, said

“It’s not funny.  Don’t laugh.”  

Laughter- G (2)to which I replied I couldn’t help myself because the situation was ridiculous.  So if you’re like me, where you laugh all the time already, you might want to be careful not go “overboard” with your mirth, or people might think you’re a loon… (Oh, cray-cray alert.   Where’s the lifeguard, think they went off the deep end.)

So the whole conversation I had with this individual, the entire time, I kept hearing in my head, Dick Van Dyke singing “I love to laugh” and pictured him on the ceiling in the movie Mary Poppins.  One of my MOST FAVORITE scenes and I still laugh to this day every time I see it.  (what fun it must have been to act that scene out)  In fact, I’m feeling a little stressed and tight in my shoulders, and in need of a good “belly” laugh.   Let’s watch together and if laughing doesn’t come naturally to you, force yourself, it’s contagious, promise. (this is not the entire scene, because they tell jokes too)

P.S.  Found some old pics of the kids.  My son has always had this GREAT BELLY LAUGH when he is really cracking up and my daughter went through a phase where she would force herself to laugh so that we’d laugh at her.  See, she already knew.   🙂


9 thoughts on “Love to laugh

    1. My mom (was a single parent) and I had a “deadbeat” dad. Basically, the struggles of trying to make ends meet was extreme and there were so many times things were “so bad” as my mom referred to it… she told me if I didn’t develop a sense-of-humor that I’d be crying all the time. Now, who wants to spend their life crying when they can be laughing and finding the flip-side humor? Who can argue that point? Yeah, the situation you’re facing still sucks, but it improves with a better outlook. Once my stepdad entered the picture (when I was in 4th grade)- things improved vastly. Thank God my mom had a sense of humor.

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  1. Humor is truly a wonderful drug. And I crave it like a crack addict. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I regularly had a solid dose of Dick Van Dyke? And Johnny Carson, and Monty Python, and Bob Hope, and Carol Bernett. The list is endless. They were my dearest companions.


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