My introduction to Soccer


Soccer- brother and sisterSo, I was reading a post at Snoozing on the Sofa and he was talking about his young boy (the eldest of 3) was playing soccer.  Which got me to thinking…

Growing up in Southern California, I had a mom who thrived on all sports.  I grew up listening to my mom yell down the neighborhood during basketball season and the Lakers when Magic Johnson would do amazing things, and Kareem Abdul Jabar would do his signature “skyhook” and they were beating the Boston Celtics with Larry “break-the-beak-nose” Bird.  (yes, she gave them nicknames).  Cry-cry Danny Ainge (wha-wha)…and she’d beat on the coffee table.

Then there was the baseball… Die hard Dodger Blue.  I sat so many times in “Baker’s Acre.”  (outfield) and we’d listen to Vin Scully on my mom’s little black radio while I ate HUGE Carnation malts.  (now they are more $$ and much smaller, so sad.)

Then there was football (American Football)- every Sunday (seemed like all day) and Monday night… I didn’t usually stick around for that.  I think I could watch maybe 5-10 minutes.  It seemed the RAMs always sucked, and then moved and my mom liked the Seattle Seahawks and hated San Francisco.

Soccer- Purpler People eaters (G1)Then my stepdad threw in some college games of each sport here and there, and there was the occasional Hockey…which I wish they had watched more because that seemed interesting… fast paced like basketball.

Suffice it to say, there was always sports on at our house (and then news/60 minutes) – and in all that- never was there soccer.  My mom didn’t like or understand the sport.  She thought it was boring and I did too.

Introduce my husband years later, he grew up playing soccer in Southern CA.  He played all the time, and on travel ball, and essentially was very good and was disappointed that he let a  highschool coach put in his head that he wasn’t good enough to play for UCLA.  My husband attended there and earned his engineering degree in areospace.  During that time, he watched their soccer team and realized he was just as good (or better) than some on the team, but by that point had stopped playing.

Flash forward to kids:  We  started our son immediately in t-ball, at 3-years –Soccer- Purpler People eaters (G2)old. He LOVED it.  Not once did soccer occur to me.  Then one day, when our son was in kindergarten, my husband said

“Hey, I signed the boy up for AYSO.” 

“umK….What’s that? Oh, soccer?  Really? Why?”

And I’m not gonna lie, although so stinking cute were these little dudes running around, thank goodness it was a brief period.  My husband told me to give it time and I’d end up loving the sport.  At 5-years-old, they all just kind of ran around in circles and bumped into one another.  And falling down, a lot of falling down!  If anything, it was amusing.

Flash forward a couple of years, we live at the soccer and baseball fields.  Seriously, we should set up a tent.  My daughter is 9, and my son is 11.  Now, it’s starting to get good because they are understanding the soccer game and getting down some skills.  I’m loving it more than the 2 hour Little League AAA baseball games.  It’s good!  It’s exciting!  Meanwhile, I still don’t fully understand “offsides.”  Funny, when the boys were 8 , about the time they started calling “Off Sides.”  my friend and I would yell GO GO and then everyone would stop because apparently there was some dang whistle.  What’s this off-sides everyone keeps speaking of?  We’re just gonna start yelling “off sides,” whenever we don’t understand something.  Now, I’m kinda getting it, but don’t really care if I ever fully understand.  I’ll still keep yelling “GO!” regardless.  Why are you stopping?

P.S.  The photos of my son playing soccer are from 1st grade.  I don’t remember them being that aggressive back then.  Holy Cow!  And, awesome team banner I had designed, huh?  Oh, heck, there was a rare moment I caught the kiddos together last Fall… quickly after I snapped that shot, I heard my boy yelling at his sister “get off me!”  It was a rare hugging moment (lasting seconds) that didn’t involve pinching one another or trying to squeeze the life outta one another.

Soccer- Purple People Eaters banner


17 thoughts on “My introduction to Soccer

  1. So you’ve gone mad over soccer have you? What’s the world coming to? There was a time when everyone was playing tiddly winks too, and I went and bought into that league. Boy did I take a bath in that one. But this soccer thing sounds like it has a chance. Why one day, I’ll bet the whole world might take up playing it, and not just our country. Until then, I’m just going to read this piece again. Your mom; the Dodgers! Oh how frightful. 😀


  2. I’ve watched, played and coached several sports and one of my three daughters played soccer. But for the life of me, I don’t understand the attraction to the game . I think you have to play it to really appreciate it. Now I’m at a point where I watch my grandchildren play and I play with them, still trying to understand a sport with very little scoring, that’s mostly played in the middle of the field, and where the biggest game every four years may be decided on if the goalie decides to guess left or right on penalty kicks….:) Give me baseball any day.


    1. I think you hit the point, if you grew up playing it (or watching it) – you develop a crazy passion (look at the rest of the world) My husband would get up in the middle of the night (before tvo – and watch games!)

      He actually was invited by his cousin (had an extra ticket) to go to the World Cup in Brazil just recently. All he had to do was buy his airline ticket and could stay with him. It was seriously considered … but it was 2 weeks before the game and we didn’t have a couple thousand dollars laying around for an airline ticket. Now that I can see some of the fancy footwork people can do, at such a young age. It’s amazing. But, my kids are on the small size, so I worry.. especially my daughter she’s teeny-tiny compared to those she plays with and against. My son, is more sturdy but wants to play rough…someone is going to take him out. I’ve talked to other kids just outside of highschool (and some my age) that have soccer injuries that basically they pay for the rest of their lives.

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  3. Your kiddos are so stinkin’ cute! My boy is gargantuan (5′ and 125lbs.), and has recently taken up boxing. I am hoping he doesn’t want to pursue it to the point where he is getting punched in the head professionally. He keeps pressuring me to allow him to play tackle football, but having had 4 concussions myself, I reeeaaaalllly don’t like the thought of him bangin’ his brain around at the age of (almost) 11. I was a rough and tumble athlete as a kid and I am paying miserably for those injuries now.


    1. Thank you ma’am. They were cute in that instant of the photograph. It got ugly real fast.

      My kid wants to play tackle football too! That’s what I’ve been told by many in different sports… American football they are seeing so many head injuries and soccer. In fact, they don’t allow the kids to do headers for a while. Only a couple of kids have done it on the U12 team. My boy is rough and tumble- he wants to wrestle and slam into one another and has asked repeatedly to play tackle football. I’m like do you see how big those boys are? And he won’t give up so he’ll get hurt because they are HUGE so the answer is always no.

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    2. I wish I could have had more kids! Just wasn’t in the cards for me. It is terrifying… the thought of the potential owies the kids can get from sports! If our boys ever meet, your son can see the potential beastly size kids he could be up against in football and maybe it would deter him a bit…? Lol it’s just a thought!


    3. We are coming to OR for sure this summer. We discussed it more yesterday, as the decision has been made to move. 🙂 So we’ll be planning the route…. around scheduled work for him. He is in sales, (pumps) waste water treatment plants. Wherever there is a city, there’s business. 🙂 So on our big drive, he make stops along the way. I know you told me before, but what city- Eugene?

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  4. That is a really cool banner! I didn’t like soccer until I studied abroad in Spain. My host brother was crazy over futbol and Barcelona!


    1. Yes it’s HUGE everywhere, and just finally catching on more in the USA the last couple decades the popularity has really risen (from what I’m told anyway.) My 9 year old daughter’s club soccer coach used to play both indoor and outdoor professionally and for national team years ago. (like 70’s/80’s early 90s) I still couldn’t believe my husband used to get up in the middle of the night to watch. Yikes!

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    2. Hahaha I think my friends and I did that once, right after we got back from Spain, but that was the ONLY time. I think you can appreciate soccer more if you watch a game live rather than only on tv.


  5. I don’t know what my boy will do when they start calling ‘off sides.’ His main skill is running down the filed behind the defense and waiting for a pass in front of the goal. Well, there’s no off sides in basketball, so maybe that’s next.


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