Guess what I just figured out

woman at computer screen suprised expression

I’m always late to the game:

Getting old sucks. (no, I didn’t just figure that one out, it’s coming, keep reading) 

My eyes have slowly deteriorated over time, starting with wearing glasses for night driving, returning from clubs in my early 20’s.  The light reflecting off the freeway signs and signals got kind of blurry.  Then, over-time, I started wearing them more and more to the point wear they are needed all the time.

I don’t mind.  Glasses are quite fashionable now (not like they were in the 70’s, like the ugly ones my poor cousin had to wear) But, now I’m getting to the age, where I’m doing the bobbing my head to see under my glasses for close items and then back to see distance… I had a boss one time refer to this as “looking like a chicken in mating season.” (and for some reason, I never forgot that phrase way before I even wore glasses) and now I know what she meant.  Whenever I catch myself doing this, I always think of a chicken.  (sigh, thanks for that Andrea)  …and yes, I know about those progressive perscriptions.  My husband has and is still not used to, and said I’d hate.  (so I put if off another year.)

I DIGRESS… the point of this post, so today I came in to work and my outlook (e-mail) looked particularly tiny, tiny this morning- straining to see.  Hey, eyeballs…Did something huge happen while I was sleeping?

HERE IT IS:  I finally figured out how to make the font bigger on my Outlook. (actually, I looked at my computer settings and enlarged those in the past, but then everything got skewed, and messed up- so I returned to regular size.) and gave up…

I found it!  1)  Go to View,  2)  View settings, 3)  Other settings (for font and other Table View settings), 4)  click on the button Column Font and 5)  change,  6)  click button for Row font and 7)  change, and if you have your “preview pane” on – then click Auto preview and change that font.  Hit okay, and OKAY I CAN SEE NOW. (font 11 is much better than font 8)  No, it’s not all in caps, but anyway, this is for those that are in the same boat as I, and just didn’t think about or know how to do.  Stop straining and just give in… you old person (or blind peep)

The sidebar navigation pane (your sent files, deleted items, etc) that is different, go to 1)  View,  2)  Layout/Navigation Pane, 3)  Options,  4)  Font, and change size and save. I like mine at font 10.

You’re welcome.  And I’m sure there will be some computer guru that will say, “Why didn’t you just…” and offer some amazing, extremely easy way of doing something.  Then again, sometimes, they suggest something oh so more difficult…, but Mr. (or Ms.) Guru, feel free- I always love to learn.  Thanks, in advance.


9 thoughts on “Guess what I just figured out

  1. One of the things I’ve not liked about getting older us having to put in glasses to read anything. Thanks for the tip. You don’t need a guru, you did fine all on your own …:)


    1. Well, one day you just get fed up (or give up) because I needed to work. I need to be able to read communications to me… and the Gods were smiling upon me and said- here’s the way… and I finally found it! 😉


  2. Why don’t you just…..hold down the control button and hit plus. Every time you hit the plus things get bigger. Too big? Hit minus instead. (By the way I’m really not a guru, just another semi-blind person.)


    1. does it stay when you exit and close down the computer or do you have to increase every time you enter… because I remember there was something that was not working and I used the + (-) button and it only enlarged 1 portion of the screen.


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