Waldo pops up in the most unexpected places

Oh, the things you find in the Cluttered Attic.  His post about the search for his goat made a memory come to mind, that I thought was interesting enough to share.  It’s  very strange how this ties in, but stick with me- you’ll see.

Don’t you hate it when

Okay, not like you really want to know this… but one time, I went to a gynecologist (and I was young like 20) for an annual exam and this was my first time with this doctor so I had never met him.  I’m sitting and waiting and the door opens to reveal this VERY handsome guy only a few years older than I.  (at the time, it wasn’t uncommon that I’d date someone 6 years older)

This has got to be a joke,  I thought.   He looked like guys I had been dating No, No, NO. Where’s the old Fart? You can’t be the doctor!

It was almost too personal for him to look at my lady parts.  Where’s the old dude?  Or someone older than my dad?  You can’t look like a boyfriend.  That’s not allowed.

As he asked me general questions, that pertained to my sex life, I was mortified and could feel my face turning 5 shades of red and being stupid, “Oh, this vagina hasn’t had sex…intercourse…okay, maybe once/twice…my last period I mean menstrual?  I don’t know.”   I didn’t want to have the checkup so I was having difficulty answering his questions.  I was like Chevy Chase from Vacation when he’s talking to Mary at the sexy undergarments counter.  A complete idiot.

I think the doctor was used to that response from women, and so he excused himself and a nurse joined him a few minutes later.  (Thank, God.)  I don’t know why, but it made it seem less intimate and more medical.  (please note, this doctor was professional and did not do anything inappropriate – I was just lame or just a kid, and couldn’t handle the situation- he’s cute, he’s cute, oh my God he’s cute.)

So the nurse remains in the room for the exam and I lay back and what’s on the ceiling?- a where’s Waldo Map!  YES!   I laughed aloud.  (I think they did that for a reason because all us girls were probably lame around that doctor) which made me like him even more because he had a sense of humor!

and YES, I searched for Waldo while other business was being done.  I never did go back to his office though… that was just too embarrassing.  So, thanks for the memory found in the attic.  As mentioned, you inspired this post.  Pretty funny.  Oh, and chances are your goat “Waldo” spun back a couple of decades and can be found at that doctor’s office.


5 thoughts on “Waldo pops up in the most unexpected places

  1. That is hilarious! My son’s Orthodontist is other-wordly, god-like, jaw-droppingly good looking, and I always find myself turning into an awkward fumbling idiot at every single appointment. I even brought my mom to an appointment when she was in town visiting just so she could have a looksee and she wholeheartedly agreed that he was drop dead gorgeous. He is married with six kids and my mom made a crack about the fact that she can totally understand why his wife keeps pushing out babies for him, they probably screw like bunnies considering he looks like that! In fact, I have always wanted to get my teeth straightened…

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